Katie: Chelsea Handler Co-Hosts & Cyndi Lauper Cocktail Contest Judge


Katie Couric: Chelsea Handler Co-Hosts

Chelsea Handler is co-hosting the next hour of Katie. The two women are sitting down to discuss talk shows, they both have their own, Chelsea Handler’s show, After Lately, and what each of them has been doing besides working every single day of the year.

Katie: Chelsea Handler Co-Hosts & Cyndi Lauper Cocktail Contest Judge

Katie Couric June 6 2013 invited Chelsea Handler to be her co-host and Cyndi Lauper stopped by to judge their cocktail contest.
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Chelsea Handler: Anti-Gravity Yoga

Chelsea Handler and Katie Couric are getting a little workout in during the show but this is not like any other workout you have ever seen. They try the new fitness craze anti-gravity yoga.

For anyone who has no idea what anti-gravity yoga is, it is basically performing yoga in hammock like structures suspended off the ground. From these hammocks you can do a number of positions plus you can workout with the person hanging in the hammock nearest you as well.

After looking at pictures of how this type of yoga works, I have a feeling this is going to end in disaster. It looks really hard to move around while suspended in the air plus it looks kinda dangerous just hanging there, suspended in the air. Sometimes you are even suspended in the air upside down.


Katie Couric Cocktail Competition

Who would have thought Katie Couric could make a cocktail? I always thought if she did drink, she would stick to wine. Either way, she must be pretty good at making cocktails because she is challenging her co-host for the day to a cocktail competition.

Cyndi Lauper Surprise on Katie

Cyndi Lauper is also dropping by the show to judge the women’s cocktail competition. Plus she will talking with the ladies about her new reality show in the works.

Who do you think makes a better cocktail? My money is on Chelsea Handler.

Springtime Fashion Showcase

The ladies are going to be closing out their time together with a little springtime fashion showcase where they are going over all the do’s and don’ts this spring.


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