Katie: Brooke Greenberg Syndrome X & Ashlyn Blocker Can’t Feel Pain


Katie: Fountain Of Youth

On March 22 2013, Katie Couric is talking about rare medical cases that have shocked doctors and escaped explanation. Brooke Greenberg is stuck in the developmental stage of a toddler. Ashlyn Blocker cannot feel pain. Then, Dr Eben Alexander talks about his brush with death and why he now believes in heaven.

Katie: Brooke Greenberg Syndrome X & Ashlyn Blocker Can't Feel Pain

On March 22 2013, Katie talks to the Greenberg family about their daughter Brooke. Brooke, 20, hasn’t aged in 15 years.


Katie: Brooke Greenberg

Brooke is 20-years-old and only 20 inches long and 16 pounds. She hasn’t aged or grown in over 15 years. Her family believe there is nothing broken about her. Her father said that he wouldn’t change his daughter for the world.

They tried giving Brooke a growth hormone. When they went to the doctor, there was no change. The doctor explained to her dad that if he had taken that hormone amount every day, he would look like an NFL football player. The only thing that ages about Brooke is her hair and her nails.

Brooke’s doctor, Dr Eric Schadt, is the director of the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multi-Scale Biology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. He is working on the mystery of Brooke’s condition. He believes that it is people like Brooke that help revolutionize medicine. She is currently the only person in the world with this genetic condition.


Katie: Ashlyn Blocker

Ashlyn is 13 and cannot feel pain. Her parents are concerned because pain is necessary to keep a person safe. Katie talks to Ashlyn’s parents and then to Dr. Mallika Marshal. Dr Marshall explains what causes Ashlyn’s condition and if feeling pain is a good thing. She says that Ashlyn is not completely numb, which is good.

Ashlyn can feel, just not extreme pain. She has to be constantly careful. As a toddler, Ashlyn pulled out two teeth opening a ketchup bottle with her mouth. She even recently reached into a pot of boiling water to retrieve a fork without thinking and burned herself.

Katie: Key To the Afterlife

Also in this episode, Dr Eben Alexander talks to Katie about his near death experience. He says he was always skeptical about heaven. After having meningitis, Dr Alexander had a brush with the afterlife. He wrote a book, Proof of Heaven, about the experience.

“It couldn’t have happened in my brain and couldn’t have happened in the physical universe,” Dr Alexander explains.


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