Katie: Bradley Cooper Hangover 3 Plot & Robert De Niro’s New Daughter


Katie: Cast Of Silver Linings Playbook  

Katie: Bradley Cooper Hangover 3 Plot & Robert De Niro's New Daughter

On March 18 2013, Katie aired her Silver Linings Playbook episode with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

In a repeat of her February 4 2013 episode, Katie is talking to the extremely talented men that starred in the Oscar-nominated Silver Linings PlaybookKatie loved talking to the men, especially Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper. Cooper then talked about his rise to acting fame and the lessons and mentors along the way. Robert De Niro told Katie about the connections he had to his character and the cast.


Katie: Bradley Cooper Hangover 3 

Bradley Cooper could not be any more charming if he tried. He told Katie that he wanted to bring his mother to the Oscars, and she was nervous at the time about the fashion message boards picking her apart. He told her that you can’t look at those things. She did go to the Oscars with him and she looked perfect as the loving parent supporting her successful son.

Katie asked Cooper if his Hangover series was going to wrap after this next movie. He was clear that this series was a triology and it is over. The final film will hit theaters in May. Cooper said the entire cast has stuck with the wildly popular franchise all the way through. In this last film, the men have to rescue Alan from a mental hospital.

Cooper was a student at The Actors Studio Drama School. He got to go back recently and do a taping of Inside the Actors Studio for Bravo. James Lipton surprised Cooper on this episode of Katie. Listen in this clip as he dotes on Cooper’s success and talents.


Katie: Robert De Niro Is a Family Man

Although he didn’t win the Oscar, De Niro is still incredibly proud of this film. He joined Cooper on the couch and they talked about the human aspect of this film. Cooper said that De Niro is his hero and he got to ask him a question during his time at The Actors Studio. He called him the most successful actor of all time and an amazing family man. De Niro sat quietly, honored by the compliments.

Katie and Cooper said that De Niro always makes people feel comfortable and at ease around him. De Niro had the same to say for Cooper.

De Niro also gushed about his one-year-old daughter and his wife, Grace.


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