Katie: Apryl Brown Buttock Injections Gone Wrong & Bad Plastic Surgery


Katie: Dying To Be Beautiful

On April 1 2013, Katie Couric talks to women that went too far for plastic surgery. Apryl Brown said that her desire to be in the beauty industry got her to change her body.

Katie: Apryl Brown Buttock Injections Gone Wrong & Bad Plastic Surgery

On April 1, Katie investigates several cautionary tales. These brave women come forward to share stories about plastic surgery gone wrong.


Katie: Apryl Brown

Apryl decided to get injections to give her bigger buttocks. She thought everything was fine, but a year later she started having complications. Her buttocks began to get hard and then itching started. She was rushed to the hospital one night and found she had a staph infection. This lead to her getting her hands and her legs amputated.

She found out later that the woman that injected her used silicone from the hardware store. She didn’t think anything about it. She was going to have multiple injections, but she had an epiphany that may have saved her life. She stopped the injections and didn’t think anything else about it.

Apryl wants her story to be a cautionary tale. She warns that you shouldn’t give some Average Joe the ability to inject things in your body. She’s now completely dependent on other people. She was previously a hairdresser in L.A. She’s had to learn how to dress, feed and bathe herself. She said it was embarrassing to tell her doctor, but it’s much better to do your homework before getting plastic surgery.


Katie: Cautionary Plastic Surgery Tales

Also in this episode, Katie talks to Vania and Renzo who lost their mother to plastic surgery gone wrong. Their mother was a hard worker that decided, with the support of her family, to get liposculpting. She died during the surgery and left her teen children behind.

They talk to Katie and explain how they found out the doctor was not board certified. The procedure was said to be simple, taking the fat from one area of the body and putting it in another. The facility was not equipped with life-saving devices. Maria had damage to her blood vessels that blocked the oxygen going into her heart.

Katie talks to “Michelle” about her plastic surgery gone wrong. She wanted filler to erase the lines from her face, but the filler wasn’t supposed to be used under her eyes. The certified doctor tried to sweep the reactions under the rug. She said she is currently suing the dermatologist and cannot reveal her real name.

“Michelle” was worried that this could have ended her life. She ended up losing her hair and having huge craters under her face. She can have other reactions to this procedure for up to 10 years.



  1. Virginia Walthour says

    I could surely relate to Katie’s show on nightmare plastic surgeries. I have another angle on this topic–a failed breast reconstruction at one of the best hospitals in the country AND by a world renowned plastic surgeon. I was apparently his first failed procedure. The care that I received was appalling once the surgery failed. It was as if this doctor simply dropped me. Following the surgery in 9/09 I went through severe depression and emotional and physical pain.
    Please ask Ms. Couric to read this and contact me for my full story. It is truly unbelievable.
    Thank you so much, Virginia Walthour

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