Katie: 50 Cent Near Death Experience & Formula 50 Fitness Book Review


Katie: 50 Cent’s Near Death Experience & Fitness Regimen

Katie: 50 Cent Near Death Experience & Formula 50 Fitness Book Review

On March 27 2013, Katie speaks to rapper 50 Cent about getting in shape. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

On March 27 2013, Katie Couric gets her sweat on with 50 Cent. He tells Katie about his former life of hustling streets and what turned him around. 50 Cent recounts his near death experience and building his empire from the bottom up. He’s releasing a new fitness book, Formula 50, and how to improve your body in six weeks.


Katie: 50 Cent

“I went after instant gratification,” 50 Cent tells Katie on March 27.

He grew up with his grandparents after his grandmother died. He said he started doing drugs at 12 and it soon turned into dealing. He said it wasn’t the right decision. 50 Cent began to turn his life around, but in May 2000 he was shot nine times in front of his grandmother’s house. He said he’s now a representation of hope.

50 Cent now has a teenage son. He wants to set a good example for his son. He said his son is just like a normal teen. He would much rather spend time with his friends than his embarrassing dad.


Katie: Formula 50 Fitness Book

50 Cent said it was a long process getting in shape. He was in shape after recovering from the shooting, but after going on tour he was out of shape. He hired a nutritionist and got into weight training. He said he can deviate from the regimin sometimes, but he has to stay on track to keep ripped. He wrote Formula 50 to share his experience and tricks with his fans.

To get a body like 50 Cent, cut out the sodas and fast food. He goes only for Subway if he eats out. If he wants to splurge, 50 Cent said he loves a big, New York pizza.

Katie is really impressed with his work ethic and multitasking abilities. 50 Cent told her that he loves to write songs while he works out.


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