Swamp People & Duck Dynasty: Why Did Phil Robertson Quit Football?


Katie Couric August 12 2013

On Katie Couric August 12 2013, the Duck Dynasty cast and the cast of Swamp People are coming on the show for what she is calling a “Rural Reality Showdown.” The casts of these respective shows will be coming on to talk about their shows and even introduce a few new cast members that will be appearing on upcoming seasons of their shows. To close out the show, the families will be going head-to-head in “Rural Reality Feud.” This is what happening on Katie Couric August 12 2013.

Katie Couric: Duck Dynasty Cast

Katie Couric: Duck Dynasty Cast & Swamp People Cast Visit The Show

The Duck Dynasty cast and the Swamp People cast will be visiting the show to talk about their TV series’. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Duck Dynasty is about the Robertson family, who made millions off of something you probably would have never guessed you could make millions off of, duck calls. They live down in Louisiana, where owner Phil Alexander Robertson started the business in 1972 after turning down a contract from the Washington Redskins offered him after his junior year in college at Louisiana Tech, where he played football and even started ahead of Terry Bradshaw, who went on to become a professional.

Why Did Phil Robertson Quit Football?

You may just laugh at the reason Phil turned down that football contract, but I find it quite noble. Phil didn’t want to play football because it interfered with duck season, something he had loved all his life. This is a man that was not willing to let his personal interests go for any job or any amount of money. He really is a walking, talking symbol of the American dream. Phil also is open about his dislike of modern technology, and takes pride in not owning a cell phone or a computer.

That is what’s happening on Katie Couric August 12 2013. 



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