Katie: Valentine’s Day Wedding Gifts & Genie Francis, General Hospital


Recapo Update: This episode of Katie has aired. Click the links below to find out the best ways to have a cheap but classy wedding and to get some relationship advice from Donald Driver:

Katie February 14 2013 Preview

Katie is going head over heels on her Valentine’s Day episode. On her February 14 2013 episode of Katie, Katie Couric is going to be looking at some of the funniest and most unforgettable wedding videos of all time, she is going to be giving some brides-to-be spectacular wedding gifts and she is going to reveal the best bridal bargains she can find.


Katie: Valentine's Day Wedding Gifts & Genie Francis, General Hospital

Katie February 14 2013 has her Valentine’s day episode packed full of wedding gift ideas, funny wedding home videos and Genie Francis from General Hospital.

Katie is also going to be talking with Genie Francis from General Hospital about how her character sparked one of the most-watched wedding events in television history.

And I forgot to mention that NFL star and Dancing with the Stars winner Donald Driver will be co-hosting the show with Katie Couric.


Katie Couric: Wedding Gifts For Brides-To-Be

Katie Couric and Donald Driver are going to be sending a few brides-to-be home with some amazing wedding gifts. Normally people are giving you a blender after you get married, but I think Katie has better presents to give out. And for all the brides-to-be who didn’t get a gift from Katie, she is also going to be revealing the best bridal bargains this season.

She might just be dressed up in her own wedding dress as well. Donald Driver is going to be playing the faux-groom for Katie as she reveals the dress she wore to her wedding.

Katie Couric: Genie Francis General Hospital Wedding

Katie Couric is inviting Genie Francis on the show to talk about how her character, Laura, and another character, Luke, inspired one of television’s most-watched weddings with over 30 million tuning in to see the ceremony. They are also going to be discussing Laura’s return to General Hospital and what it has been like playing such a well-known character.

Make sure to tune in to Katie February 14 2013 for a very special Valentine’s Day episode. If you miss any of the love on Katie, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a full recap of this wedding extravaganza.


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