Katie: Medical Mistakes Kill Young Girl & Preventing Medical Mistakes


Katie February 20 2013 Preview

Katie is diving into a subject many of us don’t think about on a daily basis. On her February 20 2013 episode Katie Couric is going to be talking with families who have dealt with medical mistakes that took the lives of their families and friends. She is going to be going over the medical mistakes that could have been avoided and how you can keep your family safe from any of these medical mistake atrocities.

Katie: Medical Mistakes Kill Young Girl & How to Stop Medical Mistakes

Katie February 20 2013 talks with three families who have been victims of medical mistakes and she goes over a checklist to keep you safe from the same mistakes


Katie Couric: Shocking Medical Mistakes

Katie Couric is going to be talking with three different families who have all had to deal with terrible medical mistakes that changed all their lives forever.

First she is talking with a couple who had to deal with a fertility clinic nightmare. Instead of being impregnated with her husband’s sperm, the woman was impregnated with another man’s sperm.

Next she is talking with a man who survived the unthinkable. This young man had surgery performed on him and a doctor left a 13-inch medical instrument inside his abdomen. After months of excruciating pain, the instrument was finally removed but there is more to the story.


Lastly she is going to be talking with a mother who lost her daughter after a series of preventable errors killed her daughter during post-surgical care.

Katie Couric: Staying Safe from Medical Mistakes

After talking with so many people who have gone through so much tragedy and pain, Katie Couric wants to make sure no one else is going to have to suffer. She is going over the important facts everyone needs to know to keep their families and themselves safe from any type of medical mistake.

Make sure to tune into Katie February 20 2013 for a show about medical mistakes and how you can prevent them from happening to you. If you miss any of this important information, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon to find out how to keep your family safe.


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