Katie Couric: Robin Roberts Nine By IX Preview & Venus Williams

Katie Couric: July 11 2013

On Katie Couric July 11 2013, Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts will be coming in to discuss her long-running career as a journalist and a project she recently got involved in with ESPN called Nine By IX, a documentary about women in sports and the many conflicting roles they must take on. With women being scrutinized for all the wrong things in sports, Nine By IX tries to make us aware of this problem.

Then, following the theme of women in sports, female tennis star Venus Williams is sitting down for an interview to talk about her career, where it’s going next, and some of the controversies surrounding it, such as her sibling rivalry on the court with her sister, Serena Williams.

Finally, Whoopi Goldberg and sportscaster Hannah Storm will be coming in to talk about their love for strong women in the sports world. It would make sense for Venus Williams to sit down for this segment. Look at those biceps! Here is what’s happening on Katie Couric  July 11 2013.

Katie Couric: Robin Roberts Nine By IX

Katie Couric: Robin Roberts Nine By IX Preview & Venus Williams

Robin Roberts will be discussing her Nine By IX project on Katie Couric July 11 2013. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)

Robin Roberts’ project with ESPN, titled Nine By IX, is all about women in sports, and the many conflicting images they take on. When extremely talented tennis stars are being scrutinized for not their abilities on the court, but how short their athletic skirts are, something has to be said.

One of the more recent insults to female athletic talent came from the TV ad for Rox’s Biarritz Surfing Competition this year, which had very little surfing, and a whole lot of scantily-clad shots of one of the surfers from the competition. I wonder if this will be brought up on the show? It really should be.

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