Katie Couric: Kenny Chesney & Honoring Boston Heroes


Katie Couric May 13 2013

Katie Couric is back at home in New York for her May 13 show, with guest Kenny Chesney. This episode is dedicated to honoring Boston heroes from the recent Boston Marathon bombings. Find out about the everyday heroes who were behind the scenes helping to prevent more injuries during the chaos. Here’s what Katie has planned for this show.

Katie Show: Kenny Chesney

Katie Couric: Kenny Chesney & Honoring Boston Heroes

Katie Couric is honoring Boston heroes in her May 13 show, after the Boston Marathon bombings recently shook the city. Country star Kenny Chesney performs.


Kenny Chesney is a country superstar, and he is visiting Katie Couric for this special episode. Part of the reason he is so interested is because he has a personal connection to the city. We typically associate country music with the South and cities such as Nashville, but Boston holds a special place in Kenny Chesney’s heart.

Find out what Kenny Chesney is doing to give back in the wake of the Boston incidents when he hangs out on Katie’s show this Monday, May 13.

Also, Kenny will be performing two of his songs for Katie and her audience, so his fans won’t want to miss this special live show. What is your favorite Kenny Chesney song?


Katie Couric: Honoring Boston Heroes

In America, we take it for granted that brave people will come running when we call 911. But now Katie wants to put a few faces to those thankless jobs of first responders who run toward a crisis instead of away from it.

There are plenty of places around the world where 911 does not exist, or it’s difficult to count on emergency personnel to reach you in a time of crisis. Thankfully, highly trained professionals like those in Boston are happy to answer calls for their neighbors and fellow citizens.

Katie is talking with some of the medics who responded to the surprising and horrific injuries sustained by people who were celebrating one of an American city’s greatest traditions. Hear their stories, and learn the latest on how the city is healing after the springtime attacks. That’s coming up on Monday for Katie’s May 13 episode.


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