Katie: Grace Kelly Princess Wedding & Who Is Donald Driver Married To?


Katie Couric: Donald Driver Co-Hosts Valentine’s Day Episode

Katie Couric had a special Valentine’s Day episode and she invited her friend Donald Driver to her be co-host. And she didn’t just pick him because he is handsome. Apparently he is very romantic. He told Katie his favorite movie is Pretty Woman and he loved reading 50 Shades of Grey.

“There is something about Christian Grey,” Driver said.  “It was so romantic.”


Katie: Grace Kelly Princess Wedding & Who Is Donald Driver Married To?

Katie Couric invited Donald Driver to be her co-host for her Valentine’s Day show, looked at his wedding photos and looked at famous weddings from the past. (Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock.com)

As Katie pointed out to him though, there is nothing more romantic than being a good father and husband, something Driver has been since marrying his wife 13 years ago and the love is still strong. During the press conference where he announced his retirement from football, Driver told the media his wife is his better half and “a life without her is nothing.”

Katie Couric: Donald Driver Wedding

Driver said he and his wife, Tina, got married in her hometown of Cleveland, Mississippi, but their wedding was so large they needed to rent a chapel outside of town to hold the nearly 600 people who showed up.


Katie Couric: Most Memorable Weddings In History

Katie Couric wanted to look back at some of the most memorable weddings in history by watching a montage of some of the biggest, brightest and most extravagant weddings to ever happen.

She looked at the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, a wedding some say over 750 million people watched. Katie also looked the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, which an estimated one billion people watched via the internet, in person and on television.

Other memorable weddings she looked at included John F. Kennedy’s wedding, Elvis’ wedding in Las Vegas and Grace Kelly becoming a real life princess in Monaco.


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