Katie: Clive Davis One To Watch Showcase & Fingertips Program Review


Katie Couric: One to Watch Showcase

Katie Couric put out a call out to singers to audition for a chance to sing in front of Jordin Sparks and Clive Davis. After sifting through the thousands of people who submitted videos, Katie picked just three to get on stage and perform for both these music greats.

Katie Couric: The Fingertips Program

First up was Katie Quick. She said she used to work as a Chicago Public School teacher and she would incorporate her music into her lesson plan, but she quit her job as a teacher to started an arts and education program called The Fingertips Program. The program helps students and young children find their own voice and it has also allowed Quick to continue following her music dreams.


Katie: Clive Davis One To Watch Showcase & Fingertips Program Review

Katie Couric found three aspiring singers to sing in front of Clive Davis and Jordin Sparks during Katie’s One to Watch showcase. Will they be good enough? (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

She sang a mix of two Creedence Clearwater Revival songs.

After she was done performing Jordin Sparks told her she loved it and told her to keep working on extending her program for kids. Clive Davis also said he liked her voice and said she was a natural performer.


The Katie Couric Show: Jasmine Jackson Performance

Second up was Jasmine Jackson who said she began singing in church when she was young and ever since the day she could speak, she has been singing. She also told Katie she has been auditioning for every music casting she can because she wants to make music her life.

She sang Donnie Hathaway’s “A Song For You,” and it was riveting. She has such a soulful and deep voice.

Clive Davis told her she had a great voice and although she would lumped in with a competitive group because her type of singing (think soulful and R&B) it is going to be a hard road for her, but he thought she should keep at it.

Jordin Sparks agreed, only adding that Jackson should not be worried about being rejected. It happens and she needs to keep moving forward with her music.

Katie: Sebastian Janoski Performs

Last to perform was Sebastian Janoski, a 13-year-old who told Katie he loves singing so much he couldn’t even explain to her how much he loves it. He said he has been singing since he was about three when he heard his aunt sing “Come Together” by The Beatles.

He sang “One More Night” by Maroon 5 and I was not very impressed. His voice was alright and but the arrangement of the song and the style he sung it in were terrible choices.

And I think Clive Davis agreed because he told Janoski he should probably start developing other interests and talents. Katie tried to make it seem less mean when she said it was always great to have more than one interest, but everyone knew what Clive meant.

Sparks told Janoski he was adorable and she told him to keep working at his dreams. In the end, the audience was able to vote for their favorite, which was Jasmine Jaskson, who got to take home a platinum Katie record.


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