Katie: Whoopi Goldberg Hates Twitter & Filming Moms Mabley Documentary


Katie Couric: Whoopi Goldberg On Manti Te’o

Whoopi Goldberg was on Katie today and she noticed she was sitting in the same seat Manti Te’o sat in when Katie Couric interviewed him. Whoopi said she really felt for Manti Te’o and she wondered how long it was really going to be before he could ever love again. She even seemed a bit sad for the person pretending to be Te’o girlfriend.

“No one has to have visual contact if they don’t want to,” Whoopi said. “You don’t have to talk anymore.”


Katie Couric: Whoopi Goldberg Hates Twitter

Whoopi told Katie she is not too keen on all the new technology out there but she was willing to give Twitter a try although in the end, she hated it. Whoopi said it was fine at first but then people started to attack her personally and she didn’t feel there was any sort of personal respect.

Many of the comments didn’t bother Whoopi because she felt someone would actually say something similar to her in person but she felt some comments were written just to get a rise out of her and they probably wouldn’t say it to her face. That was what angered her. People were hiding behind anonymity, trying to get her to snap.

So if you were trying to figure out why Whoopi deleted her Twitter account, she just didn’t like the hate.


Katie Couric: Whoopi Goldberg and Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber hosted Saturday Night Live he serenaded Whoopi but she thought it was a bit creepy. She told Katie Couric she felt weird because she is so old and Justin Bieber is so young, but everyone she talked to said it wasn’t creepy. They told her it would be funny and I personally thought it was pretty good comedy.

Maybe Whoopi will host the show someday. She told Katie they have asked her numerous times but she has turned them down.

Katie: Whoopi Goldberg Hates Twitter & Filming Moms Mabley Documentary

Katie Couric talked with Whoopi Goldberg about being on Saturday Night Live, why she hates using Twitter, hosting the Oscars and her Moms Mabley documentary. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Katie Couric: Whoopi Goldberg On The View

Whoopi has been on The View for six seasons now and she might not be getting tired of it but some days are a struggle to get motivated for work. She said there are days when she doesn’t want to go into work but then she remembers if she doesn’t, she isn’t going to have any money.

“I just think to myself no job, no money. No money, no lifestyle. No lifestyle, depression,” Whoopi said.

Whoopi did get to work with her daughter Alex this season on The View when she guest co-hosted the show with her mother and Whoopi said she had a real knack for the show because she is so personable.

Katie: Whoopi Goldberg Wins Best Supporting Actress For Role In Ghost

Katie Couric and Whoopi watched a clip of Whoopi winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ghost and she said she was stunned when they called her name. The whole movie was shocking to her. She told Katie when they were shooting the movie, they never thought it would turn out as good as it did.

Katie Couric: Whoopi Goldberg Hosted the Academy Awards

Whoopi Goldberg has hosted the Academy Awards four different times and the first time she hosted, in 1994, Whoopi said she was hardly nervous about going on stage but she still asked Billy Crystal what she should do, since he previously hosted the awards, and he told her to just act like herself.

As for missing hosting duties, Whoopi said she only misses them for a few minutes then realizes there are perks to not hosting.

“I don’t have to wear a dress, I don’t have to wear a corset, I don’t have to be nice and I can cuss anyone out I want,” Whoopi said.

Katie Couric: Moms Mabley Documentary By Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi is filming a documentary about Moms Mabley, the first woman comedian on the comedy circuit. Whoopi wants to make the documentary because there is so much contradictory evidence about her life out there, which she wants to sort out, and she also interviews a lot of other comedians, from Arsenio Hall to Kathy Griffin, about how Mabley influenced their careers.