Katie: Reba McEntire Malibu Country & Kelly Clarkson Daughter-In-Law


Katie Couric: Reba McEntire Malibu Country Review

Reba McEntire is the queen of country but she might just be switching her title to the queen of the sitcom next. McEntire told Katie Couric she loves working on the sitcom Malibu Country because she gets to work the with the talented Lily Tomlin.

McEntire plays a divorced woman who has moved away from her home in Nashville to a house in Malibu with her children and her mother, played by Tomlin. She said the sitcom is definitely the cliche of art imitating life and many of the characters in the show are based slightly around her own family and their own move from Nashville to Los Angeles. As for actually having to shoot the show, McEntire said it is so much fun going to work and she hardly considers it a job except for trying to memorize all her lines. “It is a blast to work with such funny people,” Reba said.


Katie: Reba McEntire Malibu Country & Kelly Clarkson Daughter-In-Law

Katie Couric and Reba McEntire talked about how she learned to act on Broadway, the show Nashville and her soon to be daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Although Reba McEntire moved from music to television pretty seamlessly, she told Katie Couric she never had done any type of acting before she was asked to play Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway. She said having the chance to work on Broadway was a blessing because it helped her get her “acting chops.”

Reba McEntire: Nashville Is Changing

Although McEntire said she only gets to visit Nashville during the summertime, she said it has been changing and the show Nashville has been helping to change the image of the city to a positive one. She said the show is great for the showcasing the city and showing off how sophisticated the city has become.


Katie Couric: Reba McEntire Most Number One Country Singles

Reba McEntire recently tied Dolly Parton for the most number one singles by a female country star, with both of them at 25. McEntire said it was just amazing to be in the same sentence with Dolly Parton and she was blessed to be her friend as well. And don’t expect either of the two to not try for 26 number one singles. McEntire said she was talking with Dolly Parton about whether she would retire and Parton told her she wouldn’t know what to do and McEntire felt the same way.

Katie Couric: Reba McEntire Personal Questions

Katie sent a camera crew into the streets to get some questions from Reba McEntire fans.

  • Favorite song to perform? – Reba McEntire said her favorite song to perform is “Fancy.”
  • How do you keep your hair so red? – Although Reba is a natural redhead, she said she uses red dye number 47.
  • What’s it like having Kelly Clarkson as a daughter-in-law? – Reba McEntire said she couldn’t be happier.

Katie Couric: Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson

McEntire said she was excited for Kelly Clarkson to finally join her family for real since Clarkson has been going on vacation with their family for years already and she seems like part of the family. As for the wedding, McEntire said she was not sure when the wedding was going to be but said she is also waiting for Kelly to nail down a wedding date. Either way, she was just thrilled to have Clarkson in the family.

“To have your buddy as your daughter-in-law is great,” said McEntire of the entire situation.

She also had a little marriage advice for her daughter-in-law; communication is everything. Reba would know, too. She has been married to her husband for 24 years and they have been trying to lead by example throughout their entire marriage.

Katie Couric: Reba McEntire On American Idol

With so many people making it big after American Idol, such as her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Katie wanted to know if McEntire thought she would have made it through the audition process but she was skeptical because so many of the people have such great voices. Maybe they can do an American Idol episode on Malibu Country and see how it turns out.


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