Katie: Oscar Predictions 2013, Best Picture Winner & Oscar Fashions


Katie Couric: 2013 Oscar Predictions

Katie Couric is excited about the Oscars coming up soon and she wanted to talk with some experts about who they think may take home the award for Best Picture, Best Actor and more during the 2013 Academy Awards. She invited Jess Cagle, Editor for Entertainment Weekly, and Wesley Morris, a writer for Grantland, to discuss their Oscar predictions in the major categories.

The Katie Couric Show: 2013 Best Actress Oscar Predictions

The women nominated for Best Actress include:


Morris said the award should go to Emmanuelle Riva for her performance but he thought Jennifer Lawrence was going to to be the actress who takes home the win.

Cagle on the other hand thought Naomi Watts should win the Oscar for her performance in The Impossible but he said not many people he has talked to have even seen the movie. He said many of the academy members simply didn’t want to watch the movie. But even though he thought Watts should win, Cagle said he also thought Jennifer Lawrence was going to win.

Katie: Oscar Predictions 2013, Best Picture Winner & Oscar Fashions

Katie Couric talked with two experts abou their Oscar predictions for Best Picture and Best Actor and they looked at Oscar fashion throughout the years. (StacieStauffSmith Photos / Shutterstock.com)


Katie didn’t agree with them, though. She was positive Jessica Chastain was going to win.

Katie: 2013 Best Actor Oscar Predictions

The actors up for Best Actor include:

Everyone, even Katie, agreed this one was already in the bag for Daniel Day-Lewis. As Morris put it, “he gives award winning performances in his sleep.”

The Katie Couric Show: 2013 Best Supporting Actress Oscar Predictions

The actresses nominated for Best Supporting Actress are:

Morris said he liked Amy Adams when it came to this category saying she always does great in whatever movie she has a role in.

As for Cagle and Katie Couric, they both were having a heard time choosing between Anne Hathaway and Helen Hunt, both of whom they thought were fantastic.

Katie Couric: 2013 Best Supporting Actor Oscar Predictions

The actress nominated for Best Supporting Actor are:

Cagle said he was not very fond of The Master but he thought Hoffman’s performance in the movie is one that will be remembered for years to come. But he thinks Robert De Niro is going to be the actor who wins the award.

As for Morris he also loved Hoffman in The Master but he thought the win would go to Tommy Lee Jones for his role in Lincoln.

Katie: 2013 Best Picture Oscar Predications

The films nominated for Best Picture include:

Morris and Cagle both thought Argo was going to take home the win because it has won all the precursor awards and having Ben Affleck not be nominated for Best Director has also brought a lot of attention to his movie.

Katie Couric thought Zero Dark Thirty was going to win the award but she did say Argo could take home the award as well.

The Katie Couric Show: Oscar Fashions Throughout the Years

The Academy Awards haven’t always been the place where fashion is one of the main reasons people watch the show. Katie looked at a few old time photos of people who actually wore their nicest night gowns to the award show or even made the own dress which seemed to be the thing to do back in the day.

She also looked at some of the most iconic fashion over the years, from fashion hits like Sharon Stones Gap shirt tucked into a Vera Wang skirt, and fashion misses similar to any time Cher has been on the red carpet.

For Whoopi Goldberg, who has hosted the Academy Awards four times, she said she is always trying to best jewelry every time she hits the red carpet even after she almost lost a $90 million necklace. She said it actually fell over her neck and down her shirt and she had no idea. She was panicking because she thought she lost it.


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