Katie: Oscar Luncheon 2013 & Academy Award Acceptance Speech Advice


Katie Couric: Oscar Luncheon 2013

Katie Couric was invited to the Oscar Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton this past Monday and it looked like the hottest place to be in Hollywood. Every Oscar nominee from Jennifer Lawrence to Sally Field was there and they were all willing to talk with Katie Couric about what it meant to them to be nominated for an Oscar.

Katie Couric: Bradley Cooper Oscar Luncheon

Bradley Cooper was at the luncheon but it didn’t seem like he had a good time. He said he was really nervous when he was on the bleachers. He kept trying to catch Ben Affleck’s eye to say “this is crazy” but after a while of not seeing him, Cooper said he just had to sit still and tell himself to be calm.


The Katie Couric Show: Jennifer Lawrence Vs Meryl Streep

Jennifer Lawrence caused quite a uproar after her Golden Globes speech where she quipped “I beat Meryl,” a joke from The First Wives Club, apparently a movie no one saw because Twitter went into a rage after she made the comment.

Katie: Jacki Weaver Acceptance Speech Advice

Katie: Oscar Luncheon 2013 & Academy Award Acceptance Speech Advice

Katie Couric headed to the Oscar Luncheon 2013 to talk with Bradley Cooper, Sally Field and Jennifer Lawrence to ask them what it means to be nominated. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Katie Couric also talked with Jacki Weaver who had some advice for anyone making a speech at the Oscars. She said it is important to practice your speech, make sure it is under 45 seconds long and make some room for laughs if you are going to make jokes.


Katie Couric: Sally Field Finds Joy in Work

Sally Field is up for third Academy Award and she is celebrating her 50th year in show business as well. Field said not much has changed since she began acting but she is now working on movies not because she wants to win an award, but because she wants to work on a particular movie.

“I have reached this place in my career where I have been given the opportunity to do what I want,” said Field.

The Katie Couric Show: Denzel Washington’s Sixth Nomination

Denzel Washington said the best acting performances happen the night of the Oscars when everyone has to act like they are happy the other person won. Katie Couric also pointed out you have to be a pretty good actor to be the first African American actor in history to be nominated for six Academy Awards.

Katie: Quvenzhane Wallis and Brad Pitt

The youngest star to ever be nominated for Best Actress, Quvenzhane Wallis, said she met Brad Pitt at the luncheon but she wasn’t even sure who he was until someone told her later. She couldn’t even remember his name when Katie was asking her about him.

Katie Couric: Naomi Watts Second Oscar Nomination

Naomi Watts is up for an Oscar for her performance in The Impossible where she plays a mother who has lost her family in the 2004 tsunami. Watts said it has been such a whirlwind for her this time around but she is excited to have been nominated.

The Katie Couric Show: What Does It Mean to Be Nominated for An Oscar?

Katie wanted to know what each of the actors and actress thought about being nominated to she posed the question “what does it mean to you to be nominated for an Academy Award?”

  • Jacki Weaver said it meant Americans have accepted her for playing an American.
  • Denzel Washington said it meant his fellow actor respected the work he does.
  • For Bradley Cooper it meant he hasn’t done his father wrong.

For Sally Field being nominated was a big event in her life. She told Katie Couric her mother passed away when she was filming Lincoln and it was a tragic event for her. But she can see the silver lining.

“It is just the ending of the beginning of this part of my life,” said Sally Field.


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