Katie: Jordin Sparks Exclusive Look at Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party


Katie Couric: Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party Exclusive

If getting into the Grammy’s is hard than getting into Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party must be impossible. But some how Katie Couric was able to tag along with Jordin Sparks as she mingled with the biggest names in the music industry. She talked with some of the artists Clive Davis has been the driving force behind and she talked with artists who were simply amazed by a man of his stature.

From Santana to Kelly Clarkson to Mariah Carey, Clive Davis has helped them all launch their careers. The man with the golden ears, Clive Davis, has been in the music industry for over 50 years and in that time he has signed countless musicians, ran eight different music labels and helped launch the revivals of Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin and more.


Katie Couric: Dave Grohl Vs Clive Davis Ping Pong

Katie: Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party, Jordin Sparks & Dave Grohl

Katie Couric talked with Jordin Sparks about getting to go to the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party and she talked about working with Whitney Houston. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

And everyone at his pre-Grammy knew how privileged they were to be at his party. Dave Grohl told a story about playing Clive Davis in ping pong and getting beat terribly even though he said he is pretty good.

Jordin Sparks also talked with Alice Cooper who said Clive is “one of the last great music men.” Even a new comer to the scene, Wiz Khalifa, said Clive is “a legend and he is what everyone in this room strives to be.”


Katie Couric: Jodin Sparks Pre-Grammy Party

Back in the studio, Sparks told Katie Couric it was great being on the other side of the microphone for once and she loved being able to talk with Alice Cooper since they have a bit of a history. Apparently, when Sparks was about 14, she was in Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding Christmas Concert.

I wonder if he recognized her.

Katie Couric: Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party Seating Chart

At the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, he likes to use strategic seating where someone in the rap community may be seating with a folk singer or a big name executive sits at a table with someone from another label. Luckily for Sparks, she ended up at a table with Gary and Pat Houston and Whitney Houston’s agent.

She said it was sad sitting at the table because you could feel Whitney Houston’s absence, but she also said it was more about remembering her and remembering her legacy than it was about mourning her loss.

As for her take on Clive Davis, she had only one thing to say, “he really is the man with the golden ears.”


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