Katie: Joe Paterno’s Family on Jerry Sandusky & Penn State Scandal


Katie Couric: Joe Paterno a Strict Father

Katie Couric traveled to the home of Sue Paterno, where she met her children, Diana, Jay and Mary Kay Paterno. All the children said their father could be strict at times but he was also very fair. Everyone in the house knew never to lie to their father because losing his trust was the worst punishment they could ever get. And everyone had to be five minutes early to everything because his watch was always set five minutes fast. They called it Paterno Time.

Katie: Joe Paterno Statue Taken Down at Penn State

Katie: Joe Paterno's Family on Jerry Sandusky & Penn State Scandal

Katie talked with Sue Paterno and her family about what they thought about their father and whether they thought he could have done more at Penn State. (Richard Paul Kane / Shutterstock.com)

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