Katie: Jessica Chastain Curse & Jessica Chastain Vs Meryl Streep


Katie Couric: Jessica Chastain Curse

This year is Jessica Chastain’s year and she said she feels very lucky to have have enjoyed so much success as of late, although she did point out it wasn’t like she just came out of nowhere. Chastain told Katie she has something she likes to refer to as the Chastain curse. She worked on a number of movies about five years ago and most of them are coming out now or have in the recent years. She said the first movie she ever had a role in, Salome, still has yet to be released.

She stars opposite Al Pacino in the movie, whom requested her to be in Salome after he had acted with her in the play version. She said it was very intimating to get a call from Pacino saying he wanted her to audition but she was able to pull herself together enough to do the best acting she could during the audition. And it paid off not only in a movie role, but also with some praise from Pacino.


The Katie Couric Show: Jessica Chastain & Al Pacino

Katie: Jessica Chastain Curse & Al Pacino Helped Her Get Into Movies

Katie Couric talked with Jessica Chastain about the Chastain curse, realizing she was meant to be an actress and how Al Pacino gave her her start in movies. (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)

Katie Couric said she was interviewing Al Pacino one time and she was able to get a glimpse of a movie he was editing, Salome. As they watched some of the movie, Pacino told Katie she needed to watch out for the wonderful actress in the film, Jessica Chastain. Five years and two Academy Award nominations later and Al Pacino was right.

Chastain said it was Painco who was the first person to give her a part in a movie, but her first time on television was as a corpse on the show The Evidence.


“I just laid there acting dead in the different stages of a corpse,” she said.

Katie Couric: Jessica Chastain Vs Meryl Streep

Many people are calling Jessica Chastain the next Meryl Streep because she is so often playing different characters in her movie roles but Chastain doesn’t think there is any way she can live up to Meryl Streep. She did say she likes playing such different characters because she gets to learn about someone else, whether it be a female CIA agent hunting Bin Laden or a a Southern woman living in the 1960s.

Katie Couric: Jessica Chastain Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

Chastain said she was inspired to become an actor when she was 7-years-old and her grandmother had taken her to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in theater. At this time in her life, Chastain said she was doing bad in school and she was always getting in trouble but after seeing a 10-year-old girl narrate the play, she knew that was what she was going to do when she got older.

“It was the most amazing moment of my life because everything came into focus,” said Chastain.


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