Katie: Jessica Chastain Boyfriend & Zero Dark Thirty Research


Katie Couric: Jessica Chastain Second Oscar Nomination

Many people don’t realize this, but Jessica Chastain is actually up for her second Oscar in just as many years. She was nominated in 2011 for her role as Celia Foote in the critically acclaimed movie The Help. Although Chastain did not win the award, she said she was rooting for her co-star Octavia Spencer who was also nominated for an Oscar for the same movie.

Spencer also sent a letter to Katie Couric to be delivered to Chastain which said she was excited for her second nomination and she was going to be rooting for Chastain. She also said she wanted Chastain to make her another vegan dinner.


Chastain said it was funny in the movie that Ocatavia’s character is suppose to teach her character how to cook, when in real life Chastain is the one who knows how to cook while Octavia couldn’t tell you how to boil water.

The Katie Couric Show: Jessica Chastain Oscars Designer

Katie: Jessica Chastain Researched Zero Dark Thirty & Oscar Nomination

Katie Couric and Jessica Chastain talked about starring in and being chosen for her role in Zero Dark Thirty and who she is going to thank at the Oscars. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Katie Couric wanted to give Jessica Chastain a little practice before she was potentially called on stage to accept her award for Best Actress.


Who was she going to thank? – Chastain said she is bringing her grandmother along with her as her date so she will probably thank her even though she is thinking she will probably draw a blank the minute she gets behind the podium.

Who is she going to wear? – Chastain wasn’t sure who she is going to wear but she is hoping it is similar to the Alexander McQueen dress she wore last year.

Who does she want to meet? – Chastain said you usually only get to meet people in passing while at awards but she is hoping to sit next to someone she likes at the awards. She is really hoping to meet Daniel Day Lewis she told Katie.

Who is she bringing with? – Chastain said she is going to bring her grandmother but she also revealed she does have a boyfriend although she wouldn’t discuss anything about him.

Katie: Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Thirty Research

Chastain said she played a real woman in Zero Dark Thirty although she was never able to meet her in real life. Some parts of the movie are still being kept under wraps, but Chastain said she is just now being allowed to talk about different things, like when her character wrote on the glass of an office building, it was something the real Maya actually did.

Katie Couric: Jessica Chastain and Kathryn Bigelow

In an interview with Katie Couric, Kathryn Bigelow said she chose Chastain to play the part of Maya because she knew she was a talented actress, she knew she had the tenacity and the vulnerability to play the part and she knew she was very “multi-faceted.”

Chastain was a bit taken back by the comments Bigelow made, saying she had no idea Katie Couric had talked with her. As for the director, Chastain said Bigelow was their captain through so many difficult times. She was there for the crew while they filmed in difficult locations with over 120 actors and protests going. Chastain said she was the one who kept the movie together.


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