Katie: Invisible War Review, Military Abuse & Coast Guard Assault


Katie Couric: Abuse in the Military Being Overlooked

With the Pentagon lifting the ban on women in combat more women are going to be joining the military and many of them have no idea about the dark side of the military. The film The Invisible War looks at the abuse in the military, nearly 19,000 assaults were reported in 2010 alone, and talks with the women who were beaten, abused, and assaulted by fellow soldiers and then overlooked when they asked for help.

Katie Couric: Assault in the Coast Guard

Kori Cioca is one of those women who was overlooked when she needed help.


Katie: Invisible War Review, Military Abuse & Coast Guard Assault

Katie Couric talked with one woman who was interviewed for The Invisible War, a movie about abuse against women in the military.

Cioca told Katie Couric she joined the Coast Guard in 2005 and fell in love with it so much she wanted to devote her life to the Coast Guard. She said she began feeling strange when her one of her commanding officers began acting extra friendly towards her. He would often bump her in the hallway and invite her to parties no one else but he was attending. He once spit in her face for not following one of his orders.

One of the final incidents happened when this man slapped her in the face and she was unable to get medical attention. A few weeks later she needed to go to his room to get a key from him and he forced her in his room where he assaulted her.


When Cioca went to the senior chief’s office she explained what had happened and he told her to get back on her watch and forget about what happened. Cioca said she was embarrassed to admit that she listened to him and did what he said thinking something would done, but nothing ever was. Cioca said it took the military seven years before the budget authority even gave her money to have her face looked at after she was slap.

Katie: Kori Cioca Suicide Attempt

Cioca said she was in such physical and emotional pain after the rape she even wrote a suicide note to her family explaining why she was going to kill herself. Things took a turn for the better though when she went to the doctor to have her prescription filled, the prescription she was going to use to kill herself. During a routine exam, the doctors informed her she was pregnant.

“God gave her to me because he wanted me to have something to live for,” said Cioca.

Katie Couric: Aftermath of Abuse in the Military

Cioca said she always carries a cross and knife with her now. The cross to pray with and the knife for self protection. Cioca told Katie Couric she doesn’t even carry a purse because she wants her arms free at all times for protection. She also has her husband as well, who said he is never going to leave his wife’s side no matter what she is going through.

“She means everything to me, no matter what,” said Cioca’s husband.


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