Katie: Hot Air Balloon Wedding Crash & Wedding Party Falls In Lake


Katie Couric: Unforgettable Weddings

Some weddings are more unforgettable than others, but most of the time that means something disastrous happened or the bride and groom had a choreographed dance for when they came down the aisle. Katie already watched some YouTube videos of creative wedding proposals and now she wanted to take a look at some unforgettable weddings that are unforgettable for the wrong reason.

After watching the montage of wedding bloopers and mishaps, it is safe to say you should abide by the rules below to minimize the risk of something outrageous happening at your wedding:

  • Always wear a belt. Too many people lose their pants at weddings.
  • Gently toss the bouquet. I’m pretty sure at least one person has been blinded by a renegade, off course bouquet.
  • Don’t bring dogs to a wedding.
  • Make sure the wedding is interesting. You don’t want the groom falling asleep at the alter.

Three of the worst wedding disaster videos Katie watched involved a sandstorm, a lake and a hot air balloon. To get their side of the story, Katie invited all three couples on the stage with her.

Katie Couric: Jennifer and Gus Luna, Sandstorm Wedding

While Jennifer and Gus Luna were at the alter the unexpected happened; a sandstorm engulfed them in the middle of their vows. Gus said he couldn’t believe there was a sandstorm right on top of them as they gave their vows, although neither of them said the sandstorm ruined the wedding or even stopped them from getting through the entire ceremony. It didn’t look like too much fun to be in though.

Katie Couric: Megan and Eric Wallber, Wedding Party Falls In the Lake

Katie: Hot Air Balloon Wedding Crash & Wedding Party Falls In Lake

Katie Couric talked with three couples who had some unforgettable weddings. One couple fell in a lake and another ended up with a wedding sandstorm.


Every bride wants lots of photos taken and the more beautiful the location, the better the photo. Megan thought it would be nice to take a picture on a skinny dock in the water but after everyone in the wedding party was on the dock, it collapsed, sending everyone straight into the water.

Megan said she was scared when she went under the water and her dress was completely soaked, but she was able to stand up in the knee high water and walk out. Luckily she had the dress she wore to the rehearsal dinner in her car, which she promptly put on.

As for Eric, he swam right to safety without even trying to help his wife. He said he did it because he is a terrible swimmer. His strategy was to get to land and go back to help everyone after he was safe. Either way, both of them said the dip in the lake didn’t affect their day at all.

Katie Couric: Karen and Jonathan Narcisse, Hot Air Balloon Wedding Crash

Karen Narcisse had always wanted to be married in a hot air balloon and she was even able to convince her husband, who is afraid of heights, to get in the hot air balloon with her and get married. Everything seemed to be going well until the hot air balloon began losing altitude and crashed into the ground. Although neither the bride or the groom were seriously injured, they both said it was scary.

“One minute I was in paradise and the next I was in a life threatening situation,” Karen said.

Katie Couric: Miami Trip Getaway

After hearing all the stories about wedding mishaps, Katie Couric let her audience decide which couple deserved a trip to Miami and at the end of the show she announced that Karen and Jonathan Narcisse were chosen as the winners.


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