Katie: Genie Francis Back On General Hospital & Luke and Laura Wedding


Katie Couric: General Hospital Marriage Of Luke and Laura

This is a big week for General Hospital fans. Genie Francis is going to be rejoining the cast after a five year hiatus from the show, but Katie wanted to talk about her character’s marriage to Luke on the show, a wedding more than 30 million tuned in to watch making it the highest rated hour of daytime television ever.

Francis said she was only 19-years-old when her character, Laura, married her sweetheart Luke. Francis said she didn’t understand how big the event was going to be because she was so young, but she did remember everyone being nervous for the event.


Katie: Genie Francis Back On General Hospital & Luke and Laura Wedding

Katie Couric talked with Genie Francis about returning to General Hospital after five years, her character’s wedding and getting champagne from Princess Diana. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“I didn’t think much of it then,” Francis said, “and I sure didn’t think I would be talking about the wedding at 50.”

Katie Couric: Genie Francis Gets Bottle Of Champagne From Princess Diana

General Hospital had a lot of celebrity fans when the wedding aired and one of them just happened to be Princess Diana. Francis remembered a knock on her dressing room door after the wedding had aired and someone told her a package had come from Lady Diana Spencer. Francis was so young at the time she had to ask someone who the champagne was from. Her age also prohibited her from drinking it as well, and she said someone took the bottle from her after she received it because she was too young to drink.


Katie Couric: Genie Francis Returns To General Hospital

Francis said it has been great being back on the show because it is like a second family to her. Although she has been trying to raise her children, ages 18 and 15, as traditionally as she can, she said it can be hard when both of their parents are celebrities. She tried so hard to raise them as normally as possible the entire family even moved to Maryland. But she is glad to back.

For any fans wondering if Luke and Laura are going to meet in the newest episodes of General Hospital, Genie Francis said they are not going to have to wait long before the two rekindle. Whether it will be romantically, she didn’t say.

Katie Couric: Rachel Ames Returns To General Hospital

General Hospital is having it’s 50th anniversary this year and they are bringing back all the greats from years past. The original leading lady of the show, Rachel Ames, will be returning to the show March 26 2013 after having retired in 2007.



  1. R Reed says

    she was “too young” to know the Princess, who was the same age? uhh yeah. I was also 19 at that time. What an insipid statement.

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