Katie: Emma Fitzpatrick Anne Hathaway Viral Video Spoof & 2013 Oscars


Katie Couric: The 2013 Katie Awards

In light of the Oscars being given out soon, Katie Couric wanted to give out some of her own awards to the nominees who have been on her show in the past year. So, without further ado, the Katie Award goes to…

Katie Awards for Hugh Jackman & Anne Hathaway Viral Video Spoof

Katie Couric gives out some Katie Awards to her favorite guests on the show and she talked with Emma Fitzpatrick about her Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables spoof. (Konstantin Sutyagin / Shutterstock.com)

  • Best Musical Performance – Hugh Jackman when he sang “Singing in the Rain.”
  • Best Physique – Again, Hugh Jackman.
  • Most Adorable – For a third win, Hugh Jackman.
  • Most Moving Performance by a Cast – Silver Linings Playbook cast when they talked about filming the movie.
  • Best Starstruck Starlet – Jessica Chastain when she was talking about Daniel Day Lewis.
  • Worst Musical Performance – Sally Field for not remembering the theme song to the first movie she was in.

Katie Couric: Emma Fitzpatrick Anne Hathaway Viral Video

Anne Hathaway has been getting more buzz than she expected but it isn’t because of her performance in Les Miserables, it is because of Emma Fitzpatrick and her viral video where she sings a song from Les Miserables with her own lyrics to go with the melody.

Fitzpatrick told Katie Couric she and a director friend of hers made the video after the director of the video asked her what she thought about the idea. Fitzpatrick, a huge Les Miserables fan, said she and the director hired a writer to come up with lyrics for them and then they tried out everything he wrote for them and figured out what they thought would be the most funny.

Fitzpatrick said only hours after uploading the video to YouTube, it had already been retweeted or reposted on Facebook by around 80 people. She said she was shocked so many liked it. The video has garnered Fitzpatrick, an actress, a lot of attention and she said the momentum has been good for her career.



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