Katie: Creative Wedding Proposals & Donald Driver Relationship Advice


Katie Couric: Creative Wedding Proposals

Thanks to YouTube, anyone can share their creative wedding proposals with the world and inspire others to make their own wedding proposal videos.

Katie looked at a few creative wedding proposals like one where a group of people shut down a highway as they watched friends propose, flash mobs are always a go to for a wedding proposal and she even looked at one of a couple skydiving during a proposal. While all of those may seem fun and cute, Katie also looked at a few that were quite mean.


Katie: Creative Wedding Proposals & Donald Driver Relationship Advice

Katie Couric looked at some creative wedding proposals and Donald Driver gave out some relationship advice about bonding and how to keep it romantic.

She looked at one video of man pretending a plane he is in with his wife is about to crash until she looks in the plane’s manual and sees a note asking her to marry him. Katie watched another with a guy pretending to fall off a four story building only to land on a huge cushion with a sign reading “Marry Me?”

Katie Couric: Donald Driver McDonald’s Proposal

Donal Driver said his proposal was not interesting in one bit. He said he proposed to his wife at McDonald’s. The two had just graduated from college and they were eating at a McDonald’s and Driver told Katie Couric the ring was burning a hole in his pocket and he had to ask her to marry him right then and there.


Katie Couric Proposal Story

Katie Couric said her proposal was not that interesting either. She said her late husband asked permission of Katie’s father to marry his daughter and the proposal wasn’t even a surprise because her husband-to-be asked her what kind of ring she wanted before he proposed.

Katie Couric: Donald Driver Romantic Relationship advice

Katie Couric heard Donald Driver was the person every Packer teammate would turn to for romantic advice and he was always willing to help. Since he has such great advice, Katie wanted him to answer a few questions from audience members. The first question was from a guy who wanted to get some ideas for proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. First off, Driver told him to hurry up since it is already February 14 and, second, he told him when he does propose to her he needs to explain to her why he loves her and express his true feelings towards her.

The next question came from a fan who said he likes to work out a lot but his girlfriend never wants to go with him. He just wants to spend time with her but he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and make her think she is fat when he asks her to go. Driver told him he needs to find out what she likes to do and try participating in some of her activities so they can both say they participate in activities the other one does.

As for his advice on keeping it romantic after so many years of marriage, Driver told Katie Couric his wife loves when he touches her so he makes sure he is always giving her hugs, kissing her and holding her hand. He even demonstrated on Katie how he rubs her arms and legs, but Katie looked quite uncomfortable.


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