Katie Couric: Helen Hunt The Sessions Review & Global Green Charity


Katie Couric: Helen Hunt The Sessions Review

Katie Couric invited Oscar nominee Helen Hunt on the show to talk about her role in The Sessions, where she plays a therapist who helps a man who basically lives inside an iron lung deal with the implications that he may die without ever making love.

Hunt said she loved working on the movie. She said there are so many beautiful movies out there and she felt blessed to be a part of  a movie that “shines a light on kindness and courage.” She told Katie she felt like she won the lottery after she read the script.


Hunt told Katie she took the role on a whim after reading the script without even asking what type of scenes she might doing or who she might be acting with. She took the role because she knew it was going to be good. She has read a lot of scripts during her career and Hunt said The Sessions is a story she has never read before, something that was completely different from what she has done in the past, which pushed her to accept the role.

Katie Couric: Helen Hunt Naked in The Sessions

Katie: Helen Hunt The Sessions Review & Writing Her Own Script

Katie Couric talked with Helen Hunt about her new movie The Sessions, what it was like taking her clothes off in front of the camera and writing a script now. (Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)

In a few of the scenes in the movie, Helen Hunt is naked and Katie couldn’t believe it. She said she would rather have all her finger nails ripped off than get naked in front of a camera, but Hunt said she didn’t mind it.


“Its called acting,” she told Katie Couric when she asked how she could possibly feel comfortable without her clothes on.

Katie Couric: Helen Hunt’s Oscar Win for As Good as it Gets

If Hunt wins the Oscar it will be the second she has won, her first coming when she won an Oscar for her role in As Good As It Gets. Katie played a clip from the Oscars that year and Hunt said she could hardly remember what happened that day. She was in a haze from all the excitement. All she remembered was Jack Nicholson kissing her hand and being really excited for her to win.

And don’t expect to see the her Oscar if you ever go in her house. Hunt told Katie Couric she keeps the award way back in the corner of some closet.

Katie Couric: Helen Hunt Global Green

Helen Hunt is working with an organization called Global Green which is striving to make the world a more sustainable place. They have been working with Hurricane Sandy victims to help get their lives back on track and to add solar panels around the cities that were flooded during the hurricane.

Hunt said she is specifically working on a project that will bring $75,000 worth of green renovations to any school, private or public, that applies at the website and wins the money. Register your child’s school today by clicking the link above.

Katie Couric: Helen Hunt, Screenwriter and Director

Although many people know Helen Hunt as an actress, she has also written and director one movie, titled Then She Found Me, which debuted in 2008. Nearly five years later Hunt said she has written another script and she is currently looking for backers to finance the filming.

She described the film as an “empty nester who becomes unhinged” with deep comic undertones as well.


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