Katie: Connie Britton Sings On Nashville & Is Character Based On Reba?


Katie Couric: Connie Britton On Nashville

Everyone has been going country lately and Katie Couric isn’t going to miss the bandwagon. With over 95 million country music fans in the US and five of the top 10 albums of 2012 being from country music performers, it would almost seem like the creators of Nashville had a time machine and knew the perfect time to air the show.

Katie: Connie Britton Sings On Nashville & Is Character Based On Reba?

Katie Couric talked with Connie Britton about accepting the role on Nashville, singing her own songs on show and not basing her character on Reba McEntire. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


On the show, Connie Brittons plays Rayna Jaymes, a country music superstar struggling to revitalize her career and her failing marriage while she watches Hayden Panettiere, who plays Juliette Barnes, try to take her crown. When Rayna is forced to swallow her pride and sing alongside her competition, all southern good manners go out the window. Things continue to get more complicated for Rayna as sparks begin to fly between her and an old fling.

Britton told Katie Couric the moment she read the script for the show, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. Although her manager was trying to push her away from the show and onto other projects, Britton said she couldn’t pass it up. “I couldn’t get past this exciting role Callie (Khouri) created, this exciting character she created,” Britton said.

Nashville: Old Singer vs. New Singer

Connie Britton also fell in love with the show because she said she enjoys television and films that dive into the lives of the characters. She likes when there are complicated human stories and she likes that the show is exhibiting a different side of Nashville. As Khouri put it on Katie, she wanted to show more than just the honky-tonks, although they still have those too.


The only thing that bugs Britton is when people say the show is about an old singer versus a new singer. She never saw the roles that way when she read the script. She never saw it as a older singer dying out and a newer one coming in. She saw it as two women doing the best at what they love.

“You don’t get put out to pasture at 40,” Britton said. “I didn’t want to put that perspective out to the world.”

Katie Couric: Connie Britton Sings Own Songs On Nashville

Britton told Katie Couric she sings all her own songs on the show although she doesn’t think she is very good at singing. She has always loved singing but she never had too much formal training. Maybe when Katie Couric has her second guest spot on the show this season, they will let her sing a few songs as well.

Katie Couric: Rayna Jaymes Not Based On Reba McEntire

Britton said her character is not based on any single person but Reba McEntire thought differently. She once confronted Britton on an airplane and said she knew Britton has based her character on Nashville off her, but Britton told her she didn’t. She told Katie she didn’t really know what to say because she didn’t know if McEntire was mad about it or not.


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