Katie: Connie Britton Friday Night Lights & Adopting Ethiopian Child


Katie Couric: Nashville Music Carefully Chosen

Connie Britton told Katie Couric the music on the show Nashville is carefully chosen by Callie Khouri, the creator of the show. All the songs go perfectly with the characters, the setting and everything happening in their lives at that time.

“Everyone on the show is amazing at singing,” said Britton, who previously told Katie she didn’t think she was that strong of a singer.


Katie: Connie Britton Friday Night Lights & Adopting Ethiopian Child

Katie Couric talked with Connie Britton about her Emmy nomination for her role in Friday Night Lights and she opened up about adopting a child from Ethiopia. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Katie Couric: Connie Britton Emmy Nominations

Most people would think Connie Britton was getting her big break with Nashville, but she has actually been nominated three different times for for an Emmy – twice for her role on Friday Night Lights and once for her role in American Horror Story.

Britton played the wife of Billy Bob Thorton in the movie version of Friday Night Lights but most of her scenes were cut. A year after the movie released, Britton said the creator of the TV show wanted her to play the same character but she was a bit skeptical of playing the part because she didn’t want it to end up on the cutting room floor again. After the creator, Peter Berg, told her how much they wanted to involve the wives and mothers of the football players into the plot of the show, Britton was on board.


Katie Couric: Connie Britton American Horror Story

Britton also starred in the first season of American Horror Story and said she only did it because Ryan Murphy makes such amazing shows.

“He has a vision for something unique and he has this ability to turn it into reality,” Britton said.

Katie Couric: Connie Britton Adopted Nine-Month-Old Ethiopian Child

Britton said working on America Horror Story was a bit complicated for her because she was also in the process of adopting a young boy from Ethiopia as she shot the show. She said she needed to go to Ethiopia two times in one month, once for a court hearing and another to get the child, which she said happened in the middle of shooting American Horror Story. “For anyone who watched the show, that was when I was in the looney bin,” Britton said.

As for adopting a child, Britton said she has always known she wanted to adopt a child and become a mother. The trickiest decision for her was deciding whether it was a good idea to be a single mother with such a hectic career. She decided there was no more time in her life for waiting around for a man to marry so she adopted Eyob in November 2011. “So much of being a mom is about balance,” she said. “It has been a journey to find balance between motherhood and career.”

You can see more of Connie Britton on Nashville which airs Wednesday nights on ABC.


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