Katie: Clive Davis Vs Cissy Houston & Whitney Houston Addiction


Katie Couric: Clive Davis Soundtrack of My Life Review

Just hours before she was suppose to arrive at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party, Whitney Houston was found dead in a Hollywood hotel room.

In his new memoir, Soundtrack of My Life, Clive Davis writes how Whitney Houston’s death left him “shattered.” He said it was stunning and devastating and it was all compounded by the fact they were having a party and she was going to be a big part of the party. Clive said he made the tough decision of moving forward with the party, even after he learned of her death, because he knew Whitney Houston would want the music to continue.


“We made sure we celebrated her life,” said Clive.

The Katie Couric Show: Clive Davis Met with Whitney Houston Days Before She Died

Katie: Clive Davis Vs Cissy Houston & Whitney Houston Addiction

Katie Couric talked with Clive Davis about losing Whitney Houston, his new book The Soundtrack of My Life and inviting Cissy Houston to his pre-Grammy party. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Clive Davis told Katie Couric he had talked with Whitney Houston just two days before she died and he told she needed to stop smoking cigarettes because it was ruining her voice and she agreed. She told him she was going to stop smoking because she wanted to get back in the studio, she wanted to record an album.


Clive had no idea what would happen two days later. He said she was full of life that day in his office but ultimately it was the drug abuse that would take her life. He and Katie Couric even looked back at a letter he wrote to Houston in 2001 telling her she needs to get help. He wrote the letter after he saw her perform and he was leveled by how skinny the drug abuse had made her. He wanted her to get help and he felt a letter was the best way to reach her.

Katie: Whitney Houston Addiction

“When someone is in an addiction and they are powerless to overcome the destruction,” said Clive Davis, “you feel helpless. I felt helpless.”

As for his take on Bobby Brown, Clive Davis doesn’t believe it was Brown’s fault for what happened to Whitney Houston. He said they had a codependent relationship that didn’t bring out the best in either of them.

Katie Couric: Clive Davis Signs Whitney Houston

Clive told Katie the first time he had seen Whitney Houston sing was when she was 19-years-old. She was singing backup vocals for her mother Cissy Houston and he could remember telling himself “this is girl has fervor and passion.” He knew the moment he saw her, she was a unique talent.

Katie Couric: Clive Davis Vs Cissy Houston

Clive Davis said he sent an invitation to his pre-Grammy party to Cissy Houston but she was quoted as saying it was “obscene” to get an invitation. Clive understood though. He know she is struggling with the grief she feels after losing her daughter and he understood she was not going to feel welcome at the party. But he said he felt it was polite to send the invitation in case.


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