Katie: Chris Young Neon Review & I Can Take It From There Performance


Katie Couric: Chris Young Wins Nashville Star

Chris Young is one of the fastest rising stars in country music and it is all due to the show Nashville Star. In 2006, after prodding from family and friends, Young decided to try out for the show which he ended up winning. He had beaten out 20,000 other hopefuls and he landed a record deal with a major label. Everything was looking great, but it was almost too good to be true.

Chris Young: Five Number One Singles In a Row

Young told Katie Couric that after the competition he came out with three singles that failed. Two of them even landed at the same spot, number 37, on the charts. His label gave him one last chance to produce a hit single and Young put out “Gettin’ You Home,” which shot to number one on the country music charts. After that, Young said there was nowhere to go but up. His next four singles all hit number one and at the young age of 27, Young is one of the biggest stars in country music today.


Katie Couric: Chris Young Favorite Artists

Katie: Chris Young Neon Review & I Can Take It From There Performance

Katie Couric talked to Chris Young about marrying his sister, almost getting kicked off his label after bad singles and he performed “I Can Take It From There.” (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Katie Couric wanted to know who his favorite artists were and Young said he loves listening to George Strait and Brad Paisley, whom he went on tour with last summer. But one of his favorite artists and friends is Blake Shelton. He even liked him when Shelton had that strange mullet haircut going on. He said he would watch him when he was a young child and he has grown to admire his singing voice.

Young is also a fan of Reba McEntire. He opened for her about four years ago and he was even in one of her music videos when he about 13-years-old.


“She is the epitome of someone picking songs and having them all sound differently,” Young said.

Katie Couric: Chris Young Married His Sister

Young said he is going to be going on tour soon and he doesn’t mind all the traveling or sleeping on his bus every night. He is a young guy and he said there isn’t anything waiting at home for him so he doesn’t see why people wouldn’t want to travel if they were in his position. Except his mother that is. She is begging Young to get married so she can have a grandchild. Luckily for Young after her married his sister (officiated the ceremony is what he meant to say), she had a child which seems to have gotten Young off the hook for a little while.

Katie Couric: Chris Young Country Music Groupies

Although Chris Young said articles of clothing do get tossed on stage from time to time, he doesn’t have country music groupies breaking down his bus door to get inside. He admitted there are women who get a little obsessed but he blamed himself for writing so many love songs.

Katie Couric: Chris Young “I Can Take It From There” Performance

After the interview, Young performed his new single “I Can Take It From There” off his new album Neon. And if you are a country fan, this is the song for you. Lots of guitar twangs, gravelly voices, women and booze. There aren’t any mentions of a truck, but I would still count this as a classic country song.


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