Katie: Brad Goreski Old Navy Spring Wardrobe Makeover For Three Moms


Katie Couric: Old Navy Makeover With Brad Goreski

Everyone needs a little help picking a good outfit to wear but the three following moms were in such desperate need of a wardrobe makeover, Katie Couric called on the help of celebrity stylist Brad Goreski to help them get their confidence back and look as stylish as they can.

Goreski was given the task of helping Marcela, a self proclaimed scarf addict with an entirely black wardrobe, Olisa, a Plain Jane who hasn’t been able to find a pair of jeans that fit her in the past five years, and Maggie, a mom who always opts for a pair of sweats over any other wardrobe choice.


Katie: Brad Goreski Old Navy Spring Wardrobe Makeover For Three Moms

Katie Couric watched as Brad Goreski took three mothers to Old Navy where he helped them find the perfect pair of jeans and upgrade their spring wardrobes.

Goreski took all three women to Old Navy where he helped them upgrade their spring wardrobe with lots of color, jeans that fit perfectly and different items of clothing to layer with for the unpredictable weather conditions in spring.

Brad Goreski: Styling Celebrities vs Styling Moms

Goreski said it doesn’t matter if he is working with a celebrity client or a mom on Katie, he is always working with the client to make them feel confident, make them look good and make their own personal style shine through in the outfit. He said he did this with the moms by adding lots of color and finding the perfect style of jean for each of them.


Katie Couric: Maggie Wardrobe Makeover

The first woman to reveal her makeover was Maggie who came out wearing a coral colored blouse with an open neck to show off some skin and elongate her body. Goreski said he got rid of all the sweatpants and put Maggie in a Rockstar Skinny Jean from Old Navy so she would look cool, fresh and stylish.

Katie Couric: Olisa Finds Tall Jeans At Old Navy

The next woman to come out was Olisa. Goreski said they had a hard time finding a jean that would fit well on her tall frame, but they were able to find the right fit after they did some digging at Old Navy. He paired the pants with a striped black and white blazer over a light green shirt that really made her skin tone pop.

Katie Couric: Marcela Gets Rid Of Her Scarves

Marcela has a scarf addiction and Goreski said the first thing he did was get the scarves away from her. He put some hoop earrings in her ears, gave her a polka dot shirt with some bright colors, a bright red braided belt and some short cut jeans that he rolled to help elongate her body more. Finally, to finish off the look he found her some suede tan boots.


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