Katie: Bargain Wedding Dresses, Flowers, Invitations & Wedding Cakes


Katie Couric: Bargain Wedding Ideas

With it being Valentine’s Day, Katie Couric figured there would be a lot of men popping the question today and she wanted to give every newly engaged couple the best ways to down cut on the cost of their wedding without cutting down on the extravagance. She invited the editor of The Knot, Anya Winikka, on the show to give out some great wedding bargain advice. And with the price of the average wedding in America coming in at $28,000, everyone could use a little break.

Winikka said the number one way to cut costs is to cut down on guests. Just cutting down on 10 guests can save thousands depending on the extravagance of the wedding but Winikka knows no one wants to do that, so she had some other advice.


She advised everyone to research what they wanted at their weddings and to pick a place that is special to both people in the relationship because it will cut back on the amount of work it takes to make it look perfect. If the place has meaning, extra flowers or such won’t be needed.

Katie: Bargain Wedding Dresses, Flowers, Invitations & Wedding Cakes

Katie Couric talked with The Knot’s Anya Winikka about the best ways to get bargain wedding dresses, flowers, invitations and a cake for your wedding.

Katie Couric: Bargain Wedding Cake Ideas

Winikka said the easiest way to cut down on the cost of a cake is by getting rid of all the extras on the cake that may take a long time to make. Do you really want to pay an extra $600 because the cake has edible lace and frosting flowers?


Winikka also said asking for half pieces of cake can cut down on costs too. Since most wedding cakes are sold by the slice, she said it would be smart to ask for 75 pieces for a 150 person wedding because, one, it is cheaper and, two, no one wants a huge piece of wedding cake anyways.

Katie Couric: Bargain Wedding Invitation Ideas

The amount of printing and the size of the card can really make the price jump. Winikka suggested getting cards made online and not at a shop specializing in wedding invitations.

Katie Couric: Bargain Floral Arrangements

Flowers can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, with the average couple spending $2,000 just on flowers. Winikka said the only way to cut down on the cost of flowers is by ordering flowers the florist has in stock and keeping the arrangements as small as possible.

Katie Couric: Bargain Wedding Dress Ideas

The dress is definitely the biggest anxiety producer for most brides-to-be. Winikka said the more lace and the more hand placed beads the dress has, the more expensive the dress is going to be. But most women are going to splurge on a wedding dress so Winikka said the best idea is to try to cut back on some features such as lace and always get a strapless ballroom gown because she said they fit most women very well, no matter their size or body type.

Katie Couric: Kleinfeld Wedding Dress Giveaway

After looking at all the fancy and bargain wedding items on the show, Katie Couric announced one lucky bride-to-be in the audience was going to win a $5,000 dress from Kleinfeld. Donald Driver drew the name from a bowl and Danielle Shields was the lucky winner.


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