Jimmy Kimmel: Winter Storm Q, Facebook Privacy & Rob Delaney Tweets


Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Bachelor & Twins

Jimmy Kimmel fired off jokes about Winter Storm Q, The Bachelor Sean Lowe, and the birth of two sets of identical twins during his monologue.

Jimmy Kimmel: Winter Storm Q

Jimmy said that the 56-degree LA weather has been intolerable. I don’t want to hear it, because 56 sounds downright pleasant to me.


Winter Storm Q has been taking its toll on the West Coast before moving east across the country. Who let The Weather Channel name these storms, anyway?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Bachelor Sean Tells All

Jimmy Kimmel: Winter Storm Q, Facebook Privacy & Rob Delaney Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at The Weather Channel’s latest name, Winter Storm Q, the perils of Facebook privacy, and Rob Delaney tweets read by deli patrons.

A special Tuesday episode of The Bachelor aired this week. “Sean Tells All” was supposed to preview the rest of the current Bachelor’s upcoming journey. What did he have to say in this special episode?


The promo Jimmy doctored seemed to have better questions than the ones that ended up in the show. Here were some of their suggested questions:

  • Did he wet the bed?
  • Does he have dreams about Chris Harrison?
  • Does he sacrifice animals to the Dark Lord?

Jimmy said the best part was an actual clip from the special, which ended with a scene of Sean in the shower as funky ‘70s music played.

Jimmy Kimmel: Identical Twins

On Valentine’s Day, a woman gave birth to two sets of identical twins. That is a remarkable story, especially since the odds are one in 70 million, “which is comparable to the odds of winning a state lottery. Although in this case, she chose to take the kids in a lump sum,” Kimmel said. She named the children Ace, Blaine, Cash, and Dylan. I hope she is not planning to finish the alphabet.

Researchers now believe that Internet addiction is real, and addicts can suffer withdrawals when denied access. Jimmy thought they might be addicted to adult material, not the Internet itself. Studies conclude that limiting Internet use can help you avoid symptoms.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Facebook Privacy

A New Jersey assemblyman created a Facebook problem for himself by liking various businesses and fan pages on Facebook, some of which had names that are inappropriate for broadcast. “I respect the fact that he likes big butts and he cannot lie,” Kimmel said.

In response to backlash, he had to ask his daughter for help un-liking pages on Facebook, which might have been embarrassing given their content.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Rob Delaney Tweets

In honor of comedian Rob Delaney, a guest on the show, Jimmy Kimmel had deli customers read some of his tweets as a video for the show. Do you follow Rob on Twitter? What do you think of his style of humor?


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