Jimmy Kimmel: Winter Skype Scavenger Hunt & Unnecessary Censorship


Jimmy Kimmel: Winter Skype Scavenger Hunt

Jimmy Kimmel played a Winter Skype Scavenger Hunt and shared another Thursday edition of This Week In Unnecessary Censorship. Plus, Kobe Bryant was on the show.

Recapo update: Anne Hauben wrote in to share some details about the scavenger hunt. When the snowballs melted, the floor became wet, and both the kids slipped on the floor. That’s why Mason was crying by the end of the contest, and why Sydney was out of sorts at the start of part two. The Skype connection also created some technical difficulties, which is probably not that surprising to regular Skype users. Thanks for the scoop, Anne!


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Winter Storm Saturn

Jimmy Kimmel: Winter Skype Scavenger Hunt & Unnecessary Censorship

Two Massachusetts families faced off in a Winter Storm Scavenger Hunt thanks to Winter Storm Saturn.

After pounding the rest of the country, Winter Storm Saturn is hitting the East Coast, causing power outages and flight cancellations. In honor of the families forced to spend time together, Jimmy played a Skype Scavenger Hunt with families from Massachusetts.


Jimmy Kimmel: Skype Scavenger Hunt

The Smiths from Duxbury faced off against the Haubens from Norwood. The family members had to follow Jimmy’s instructions. First, he sent the dads to their bedrooms to put on bathing suits.

While the dads were changing, the families had to rush outside and collect snowballs to pelt their fathers with.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Soup Scavenger Hunt

Next, the families had to collect all the soup in their houses, and whichever family had the most soup on hand would win a point. The Smiths came out on top in that round.

Then it was time for a physical challenge: everyone had to dance like falling snowflakes.The Smith family seemed to be a lot more into the challenge than the Haubens, but Jimmy gave both families a point.

Jimmy Kimmel: Winter Scavenger Hunt Winner

Last, it was a race to get the youngest family member dressed to go out in the snow. Kimmel remarked that this was his slowest scavenger hunt ever. The Smith family won the contest. Both families were supposedly rewarded with rock salt and a snow cone machine.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Unnecessary Censorship

Each week, the show shares a highlight reel of bleeped and blurred footage from popular TV shows, from instances where shows did not need to be censored in the first place. Who was on the target list on this edition of This Week In Unnecessary Censorship?

Scott Pelley from CBS News, Dennis Rodman on This Week, Paul Rudd on the Today Show, and even Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice were bleeped. Then there was a special clip from The 700 Club. Fox News was on the list, as well as Go Diego Go and Judge Alex.


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