Jimmy Kimmel: Who Will Win Dancing With The Stars 2013 & Splash Review


Jimmy Kimmel Live: DWTS & Splash

Jimmy Kimmel had some reality shows in his monologue, with highlights from the premiere of ABC’s Splash and a prediction about who will win Dancing With The Stars this season.

Jimmy Kimmel: KTLA Weather Blooper

The first day of spring is about to arrive, but heavy snows are falling in the Great Lakes and New England. Whatever happened to the short winter that the groundhog predicted?


Jimmy Kimmel: Who Will Win Dancing With The Stars 2013 & Splash Review

Who will win Dancing With The Stars 2013? Jimmy Kimmel, who has correctly predicted six out of the last 11 winners, shared his guess for the spring season.

In Los Angeles, there are very few weather events, so the weathermen have to find other ways to fill the time. A local KTLA weather anchor doing birthday greetings mistakenly read the joke name Hugh Janus on live television.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: ABC Splash Review

Just in time for spring, ABC is putting celebrities in the pool for a diving competition on Splash. The cast includes Louie Anderson, Kendra Wilkinson, and other C- or D-listers.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did not do very well in the pool, diving into a belly flop. Then there was Louie Anderson, who needed help from his fellow cast members to rescue him from the pool.

Anderson dedicated his first dive to “the troops,” and said that he was on a mission to overcoming his childhood setbacks in gym class. Splash can be seen Tuesday nights on ABC.

Jimmy Kimmel: Who Will Win Dancing With The Stars?

Dancing With The Stars, now in its 16th season, is back for the 2013 spring edition. Jimmy Kimmel said that he did not recognize many names from this year’s cast list.

This year, Kimmel is betting $1,000 on one of the contestants. He has been doing this for several years, and has a mixed track record, with a surprising number of wins. Out of 11 seasons, he picked a top three finalist nine times, and correctly named the winner six times.

Who does he think will take home the mirrorball trophy this season? Jimmy is betting on Zendaya Coleman, the Disney star.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Maine Lottery Tickets

Maine lottery officials are shutting down a marketing campaign due to complaints from sellers. Maine instituted new Kwikie tickets, but there was a lot of negative feedback from store clerks.

What could they name the tickets instead? The Jimmy Kimmel Live team suggested the BJ, a Big Jackpot ticket. I’m not sure that is going to solve the problem.

Jimmy Kimmel: Spring Break 2013

Spring Break is happening this week for many kids around the country. Jimmy called it an American tradition that boosts the stable of the country’s teen moms.

How different is Spring Break now, compared to 60 years ago? To find out, Jimmy sent a camera to a local farmer’s market.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Spring Break Then Vs Now

One man confessed to stealing light bulbs, while another said getting married was wild for him. Another woman said that she likes to skinny dip in her pool. Someone else said she destroyed a sandcastle because it was “too beautiful.”


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