Jimmy Kimmel: Walmart Customer Delivery, Bedtime Bandit & Easter Bunny


Jimmy Kimmel: Robbery Viral Videos

Just in time for Easter, Jimmy Kimmel shared some great viral videos, including a hilariously bungled attempted robbery and the two-year-old Bedtime Bandit. Plus, check out the Easter Bunny Peep Shooter and a game of Easter Bunny Or Vaccination?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Easter Bunny Peep Shooter

Jimmy Kimmel: Walmart Customer Delivery, Bedtime Bandit & Easter Bunny

Jimmy Kimmel shared some Easter cheer in the form of a bunny that launches Peeps. Plus, he played a game of Easter Bunny Or Vaccination? with kids’ photos.


Jimmy Kimmel celebrated Easter with a bunny-shaped Peep shooter, firing snacks into the crowd. It looks like a fun toy, and he used Guillermo as a test subject to try to shoot a Peep into his mouth. Unfortunately, the attempts were unsuccessful.

Did you know that Americans spend 120 million pounds of candy every year at Easter? There will be an adult Easter egg hunt at Jimmy’s cousin’s house for the holiday. Kimmel said that it can be difficult to explain all the traditions of Easter to children.

He suggested that someone create an app to help you remember where you hid all the eggs, to avoid any unpleasantness later on. Guillermo took his son to see the Easter Bunny, which of course terrified the child.


Jimmy Kimmel: Easter Bunny Or Vaccination?

Have you had your child’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny? In the spirit of the holiday, Jimmy had his audience guess whether photographs of crying children were related to visiting the Easter Bunny or getting a vaccination.

This was along the same lines as the recent Gay Marriage Pedestrian Question, but not quite as interactive. Children do love to make screaming faces in photographs, and their parents seem happy to have the camera ready.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kent’s Meat & Groceries Attempted Robbery

Jimmy Kimmel introduced his next clip as a potential “video of the year.” In California, a man approached a convenience store, dressed in pajamas, in a ridiculous and ill-fated attempt to rob the location. I wonder if that guy has been apprehended yet.

The man walked up to the store to case it BEFORE putting his disguise on. Then his rock didn’t even break the window, and he tripped over a parking stone before tiptoeing away.

Apparently this man has been wanted for over a month, so if you know this man from the Redding, California, area, the authorities would love to hear from you.

Jimmy Kimmel: Bedtime Bandit Video

In another funny viral video, a young thief was busted. A sister accused her brother of stealing her Pillow Pet stuffed animal. To catch the Bedtime Bandit in action, they set up a hidden camera to bust their two-year-old picking the lock to his girl’s room and swipe her Pillow Pet. That is an enterprising young man.

“All babies are thieves and cannot be trusted,” Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Walmart Customer Delivery

Walmart has a new delivery plan for online customers. The idea is to ask shoppers to drop things off to their neighbors in exchange for a discount. This sounds like such a terrible idea that I’m surprised the US Postal Service didn’t think of it first. I hope that’s not a real idea.

What else could they come up with, you ask? In a commercial parody, Jimmy suggested that customers help themselves to the stock room and act as a free employee for the company.


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