Jimmy Kimmel Vs Trick Shot Titus Ashby Basketball Challenge


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trick Shot Titus

Jimmy Kimmel had Elon Musk as one of his talk show guests. Another notable person on the show tonight was Trick Shot Titus Ashby, the two-year-old basketball star who did not succeed in his trick shot attempts on the Today Show. Jimmy questioned the editing of the original YouTube video, and now he gets to play basketball against a child on TV.

Jimmy Kimmel Vs Trick Shot Titus


Jimmy Kimmel Vs Trick Shot Titus Ashby Basketball Free Throw Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel faced off against two-year-old viral video star Titus Ashby in a basketball challenge to see who could score the most free throws in 45 seconds.

The viral video of Titus making basketball shots has millions of views. But in his Today Show appearance, Titus whiffed. Jimmy suggested that maybe the viral video was edited to make the baby look good even if he wasn’t. That led to a video challenge from Titus’s father.

Jimmy Kimmel: Titus Ashby Family

The Ashby family was in the audience at Jimmy Kimmel Live for the occasion of this basketball challenge. Titus has been playing basketball since before he could walk. He appears to be one of four children.


So far, Titus was off to a bad start, because he seemed to be distracted by the bright lights. Cousin Sal played referee, and each competitor had a hoop set at roughly his height. Titus shot from six feet away, while Jimmy was 12 feet from his hoop.

Jimmy Kimmel Vs Titus Basketball

The competition was set to last 45 seconds to see who could make the most shots in the allotted time. Titus was confident that he would win, and he had the support of the crowd.

Jimmy went first and missed several shots in a row. He never really got into the groove, and you have to suspect he was faking it to let the baby win, which is probably the gentlemanly thing to do.

Jimmy Kimmel: Titus Ashby Basketball Challenge

Then it was Titus’s turn. All he had to do was score more than six shots in 45 seconds. He nailed his first shot and just kept hitting them, with much more consistency than Kimmel. All in all, Titus landed 10 shots in his 45 seconds, making him the winner.

His siblings and mom joined him on the stage to celebrate his victory. To reward him for his sportsmanship, Jimmy gave Titus Basketball Wives on DVD and sent his family to Disneyland.

Did you have any special talent as a child? Tell me in the the comments.


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