Jimmy Kimmel Vs Morrissey, #Dezzing Meme & Desmond Bryant Mug Shot


Jimmy Kimmel Live: #Dezzing and Morrissey

Jimmy Kimmel is in a feud with Morrissey, and he also decided to start a new meme called #Dezzing. Plus, Chef Gordon Ramsay was on Jimmy’s show.

Jimmy Kimmel Vs Morrissey

After the recent unpleasantness with cancelled musical guest Morrissey, Jimmy Kimmel said that he has found himself in the middle of a celebrity feud. Morrissey cancelled his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live after learning that the cast of Duck Dynasty would also be on the show.


Morrissey is a vegetarian and called the Duck Dynasty cast “serial killers.” In response, Kimmel and the Duck Dynasty gang did a commercial parody for the veggie-themed Carrot Call.

In response, Morrissey released “a truly idiotic statement,” and Jimmy said that his complaint has nothing to do with vegetarians. “I’d like to invite him to join me on the show to discuss it,” Kimmel offered.

Do you think that Morrissey will take the bait? I doubt he will; he seems more inclined toward PR statements.


Jimmy Kimmel: Lindsay Lohan Motivational Speaker

Jimmy Kimmel Vs Morrissey, #Dezzing Meme & Desmond Bryant Mug Shot

Jimmy Kimmel talked about his celebrity feud with Morrissey, a #Dezzing meme inspired by the Desmond Bryant mug shot, and Lindsay Lohan’s court date.

Lindsay Lohan has a March 18 2013 probation hearing. If she is found to have violated her probation, should could wind up back in jail. However, her lawyer is trying to get her community service as a motivational speaker.

Can you imagine what message Lindsay might impart to young, impressionable minds? She is more suited for the reality show Beyond Scared Straight.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lindsay Lohan Motivational Speaking Tour

In a commercial for the upcoming summer Lindsay Lohan Motivational Speaking Tour, with “helmets required for all attendees.” The commercial was just a clip reel of cars crashing into buildings.

Maybe she should go with a pay-per-view event instead. Of course, she is also slated to appear as herself on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management.

Jimmy Kimmel: Desmond Bryant Mug Shot & #Dezzing Meme

Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested for criminal mischief, and he gave an interesting mug shot. “He looks like an anaconda in the middle of digesting a rabbit,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel said that this could start a new meme, Dezzing. “All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with your head tilted back, your mouth open, your eyes half closed, and your tongue halfway out of your mouth like a bullfrog,” he said.

Stanley Tucci, Gordon Ramsay, and Guillermo all gave it a shot before the show. Viewers can participate by sharing their pictures with the hashtag #Dezzing on Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Justin Wren Hair

A UFC fighter visited the Eastern Congo to perform charity work, and he was surprised at his reception. The young residents there had never seen a white person before, and they were enamored of his arm hair and beard. Then they went crazy over the hair on his head.

“I guess that’s what it’s like to be a golden retriever,” Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel: Zero Dark Flirty

The Oscars finally happened, and now they are over. Kimmel said that the big boon is the week following the Oscars, because audiences flock to theaters and see the films they missed.

It also presents new marketing opportunities. For example, Kimmel debuted a reimagined trailer for Zero Dark Thirty, marketed as a romantic comedy, Zero Dark Flirty.


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