Jimmy Kimmel: Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge & Name That Nominee


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bachelor Amazing Counter

Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes included the results of his Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge and a round of Name That Nominee in honor of the Oscars.

But first, Jimmy is keeping a tally of how many times the words “amazed” or “amazing” are uttered on The Bachelor this season. Before tonight’s episode, the count was at 97. Then came tonight’s “amazing” supercut, which added 11 more to the count, now standing at 108. What do words like “amazing” even mean anymore?


The Bachelor visited the hometowns of the four remaining finalists, to meet their families and learn about their lives. Sean told each of the parents that he thought their daughters were special and/or he was crazy about them.

Jimmy Kimmel: Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge


Jimmy Kimmel: Valentine's Day YouTube Challenge & Name That Nominee

Jimmy Kimmel played the viewer videos from his Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge and recruited audience members for a Name That Nominee game show. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

It’s finally here! Jimmy shared the results of his Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge. Apparently submissions ran the gamut. But the concept was for men to give their Valentines small jewelry-sized boxes containing something gross and upsetting. How did they do?

One man surprised his life with a lizard. Another had his own finger in the box. Then there was a chocolate box full of bugs. One necklace box contained rats, while another man made a kidney stone ring.

Someone else gave a gift of chicken feet, while another gifted cleaning supplies. Then there was a chocolate box full of crickets. Of course, someone had to get a snake, which actually sent the recipient running from her house.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Name That Nominee

The unavoidable Oscars are slated for Sunday, February 24 2013. In honor of that, you are going to be hearing quite a bit about them on TV in the coming days. Jimmy Kimmel recruited two audience members to play a game called Name That Nominee.

Jimmy Kimmel: Yaya Celebrity Photos

Johnny from Illinois was the first contestant, playing against Tonya from California. Yaya, a man described as a celebrity photo hound, has photos with thousands of celebrities. Yaya’s job was to describe the actors by giving clues, without giving away the names.

For each correct answer, the contestants could earn $100.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: 2013 Oscar Nominees

  • Yaya blew it by giving away the name of the first celebrity, Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • Next was Anne Hathaway, but Yaya could not seem to name any of her movies.
  • Third was Bradley Cooper, but Yaya mostly described Robert DeNiro instead.
  • As for Hugh Jackman, Yaya described Wolverine, which helped Johnny come up with the answer.

Johnny collected $200 for playing the game. The Oscars will be broadcast on Sunday, February 24 2013, live on ABC.


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