Jimmy Kimmel: Vadering Meme, Goat Cry & Deer Fighting Viral Video


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Vadering & Deer Fight

Check out the latest meme the kids are doing, called Vadering, and see why animals always make the best viral videos (see: deer fighting) in this comedy segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel: Vadering Meme

Jimmy Kimmel: Vadering Meme, Goat Cry & Deer Fighting Viral Video

Jimmy Kimmel knows that animals make the best viral videos. He shared a clip of two deer fighting and a goat’s cry that was mistaken for a human.


A new trend on the Internet, also known as a meme, is called Vadering. This involves using “the force” to choke your enemies, a la Star Wars. It takes a little effort to capture the image at the perfect moment, because your target has to jump in the air and hold his or her throat.

I’m over these memes–remember planking and Tebowing? “In China, the kids have studying,” Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Goat Cry For Help

In Tennessee, police were summoned because of the sound of a man’s screams. But the screaming was coming from a goat, which we all agree sounds like that Taylor Swift song.


The goat may have been upset because he was tied to a gate. Will this animal now get 15 minutes of fame? Kimmel suggested that he join the panel on The View. In a fantasy clip, the goat had a chance to banter with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Jimmy Kimmel: Deer Fighting Viral Video

In South Dakota, a TV cameraman captured a video of two deer fighting. They stood on their hind legs and had a kind of slap fight with one another. Eventually, the loser was knocked over some bleachers, and the winner ran away.

For audio commentary, Jimmy put dialogue from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta over the deer fight footage.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Unnecessary Censorship

This Week In Unnecessary Censorship bleeped and blurred mundane clips from media, including TV shows and sports. Targets included Al Sharpton and President Obama, and of course local news.

Fox News got in this week as usual, and even C-SPAN was a part of the fun. Splash and Family Feud were also featured. Ellen DeGeneres’s big movie announcement, and even the Cartoon Network were in the crosshairs this week.


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