Jimmy Kimmel: Super Bowl Lie Witness News & Can You Draw Your State?


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Super Bowl Lie Witness

Would you rather draw your own state on a piece of paper or talk about an event you never witnessed? Those were the choices that people on Hollywood Boulevard faced in the glare of Jimmy Kimmel’s cameras.

Jimmy Kimmel: Can You Draw Your State?

Jimmy Kimmel: Super Bowl Lie Witness News & Can You Draw Your State?

Jimmy Kimmel shared his Super Bowl Lie Witness News, with reactions to the game from people who had not seen it, and a challenge to draw your own state.


Back out on Hollywood Boulevard, another contestant was waiting to attempt to draw her home state. Hannah from Arkansas took the marker and drew something akin to a postage stamp, which was pretty close. She won a pack of magnetic clips for her trouble.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo Sick?

Guillermo tweeted about feeling sick recently, so Jimmy Kimmel checked in on his friend’s health. He tweeted asking for chicken soup. Chicken soup delivery might actually be a great seasonal business model.

Thieves made off with 26,000 pounds of stolen chicken wings from a storage facility. They got arrested, but authorities could not track down the missing chicken.


Jimmy Kimmel: Lie Witness News

In honor of Super Bowl 47, Jimmy Kimmel challenged viewers once again by sending cameras to the streets for Lie Witness News. This time, he wanted to capture people’s reactions to the Super Bowl…before it was even played!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Did You Watch The Super Bowl?

One woman was confused and admitted that she was surprised by the game’s outcome. She said she was rooting for the 49ers.

The second man said that he was completely caught off guard and lost $200 on a bet with his brother. That is some quick thinking lying.

Jimmy Kimmel: Super Bowl Timberwolves?

Another woman said she did not watch the game, but heard it was good. She said she was also told that the 49ers beat the Timberwolves in the matchup.

Then someone said that Ray Lewis should have received a most valuable player award. The anonymous interviewer got this man to agree that Ray Lewis was possessed.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Beyonce Lip Syncing?

Another woman said that she definitely thought that Beyonce was lip syncing. Other lies in the mix included Beyonce’s performance with Jay-Z and their baby, as well as a cameo by Oompa Loompas.

Finally, someone congratulated the 79ers on their win in the big game. One of the women from Lie Witness News was actually in the show’s audience.

“Honesty is always the best policy,” Kimmel advised.


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