Jimmy Kimmel: Snow Down Your Pants & Spider-Man Impersonator Assault


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Hollywood Boulevard

After issuing his Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge, Jimmy Kimmel Live explored the career of a professional Spider-Man impersonator and had cousin Sal shovel snow down your pants so that LA could show solidarity for the nation’s winter weather woes.

Jimmy Kimmel: Spider-Man Assault

Jimmy Kimmel: Snow Down Your Pants & Spider-Man Impersonator Assault

Jimmy Kimmel Live got LA residents to put snow down your pants in solidarity for East Coast and Midwest victims of severe winter weather.


There are performers in Hollywood (and other tourist cities) who make their livings by dressing as TV or movie characters and posing for tourist photos in exchange for tips. A Spider-Man in New York City supposedly got angry when a mom stiffed him after he took pictures with her kids.

According to a report, the Spider-Man actor punched the woman in the face. He claimed he acted in self-defense after the woman threw a snowball at him.

Jimmy Kimmel Show: Spider-Man Impersonator

Jimmy interviewed a Spider-Man on the street outside his theater on Hollywood Boulevard. He said that he does not have a problem collecting tips from others.


This particular Spider-Man could not seem to hear Jimmy during the conversation, but he refused to take off his mask. The actor claimed that he had not seen any of the Spider-Man movies, despite the fact that he portrays him on the street each day.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Spider-Man Vs Peter Parker

Upon learning that this man did not know much about the Spider-Man character, Jimmy said that he was unfit to wear the costume. But the man finally admitted that he did know Peter Parker was his character’s alter ego.

You never know what you are going to get when you rope strangers into your talk show segments, but sometimes they are unexpected surprises like this wacky Spider-Man pretender.

Jimmy Kimmel: Snow Down Your Pants

With all the crazy weather from storms like Nemo and Orca in recent days, Jimmy said that he feels guilty about the balmy weather in Los Angeles. That is why he sent his cousin Sal around town with a wheelbarrow full of snow.

He intended to shovel snow down people’s pants, and his first victim was a man named Donald. People were surprisingly cooperative about this gag, no matter what age they were or how nicely they were dressed.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Hollywood Snow Angel

One man even agreed to make a snow angel on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Another man made a message for his friends on the East Coast as Sal shoveled extra snow down his pants.

They all seemed to agree on one thing: snow down your pants is very cold. I hope no one got frostbite.


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