Jimmy Kimmel: Sleep Texting, Alien Hands & Christop Waltz Seduction


Jimmy Kimmel: Art of Seduction

Jimmy Kimmel Live shared romantic advice from The Art of Seduction with Christoph Waltz, the Academy Award winner from Django Unchained. Jimmy also discussed sleep texting and something called alien hands.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sleep Texting

Jimmy Kimmel: Sleep Texting, Alien Hands & Christop Waltz Seduction

Jimmy Kimmel talked about the new trend of sleep texting, the rare condition alien hands, and the new Christoph Waltz seduction instructional series. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Jimmy Kimmel cited a Villanova study about the new phenomenon of sleep texting. That is when young people answer a text while they are asleep and do not remember doing so once they wake up.

“We used to sleepwalk, and now we sleep text. We are so lazy, we’re not even getting accidental exercise in our sleep anymore,” Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel: Alien Hands

Two New York residents have a rare affliction. Neither of them has control over their left hand. It is a condition reportedly called “alien hands,” and it caused one woman to slap herself in the face repeatedly.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Christoph Waltz Seduction

If you need some ideas on how to score in the romance department for Valentine’s Day, thank goodness that Jimmy found “The Art of Seduction with Christoph Waltz.”

Waltz compared seduction to an art, like bass fishing. It involved the personal touch, extracting pheromones from your armpits. The subtle touch involves using a disarming first comment followed by an inconspicuous touch–maybe not on the nose.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Final Touch

Waltz said the final touch is “to make sure she is not secretly a man.” The model in his video did not appreciate his unwanted advances, so maybe he is not a pro after all.

The Art of Seduction with Christoph Waltz Instructional Series

The 30-DVD set also comes with nine books and “a bottle of Christoph Waltz’s pit sweat,” and it can be yours for just 69 Euros.

If that does not work for you, then maybe you can try a more traditional relationship approach, or just find the least irritating way to observe Valentine’s Day.


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