Jimmy Kimmel: Rosetta Stone Honey Boo Boo & Duck Dynasty Carrot Call


Jimmy Kimmel: Morrissey Cancellation

Jimmy Kimmel addressed Morrissey’s cancellation as a guest and weighed in on the new cast for Dancing With The Stars. He also shared the Rosetta Stone Honey Boo Boo edition and the Duck Dynasty Carrot Call. The night’s show also featured Terrence Howard.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Terrence Howard Diamonds

Jimmy Kimmel said that he was surprised to learn that Terrence Howard owns patents and a diamond company, which makes great party conversation. The show’s guest list also included the cast of Duck Dynasty, and the camera crew dressed in camouflage for the guests.


Churchill, a Denver-based band, also appeared on the show, stepping in to replace Morrissey. Morrissey, a vegan, said that he could not appear on the same program as the cast of Duck Dynasty, because they are “animal serial killers.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Rosetta Stone Honey Boo Boo & Duck Dynasty Carrot Call

Jimmy Kimmel Live showcased the Rosetta Stone Honey Boo Boo deluxe edition of translation software and the Duck Dynasty Carrot Call for vegans.


What do you think about Morrissey’s stance? I respect someone for standing up in support of their beliefs. But did Morrissey go too far?

Jimmy Kimmel: Duck Dynasty Carrot Call For Vegans

The Duck Dynasty gang is famous for selling duck calls, and they even created a spinoff Carrot Call product in solidarity with vegan fans. “Just blow into the carrot call and wait,” the commercial said. If you buy two, you also get a broccoli trap

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dancing With The Stars

The new Dancing With The Stars cast was unveiled on Good Morning America. “It was a who’s who of who needs money,” Kimmel observed.

Two Olympic athletes, a football player, a boxer, two singers, actors, and reality stars were in the mix, along with “the always reliable Andy Dick,” he said, hoping that his dance partner had gotten her rabies shot.

Even in the morning press conference, Andy Dick was starting to go off the rails, so this season might have more train wreck value than usual.

Jimmy Kimmel: News Reporter On Air Kiss

Ikea stopped selling meatballs in its European stores this week, after a Czech Republic store’s meatballs were found to contain horse meat DNA. That is a pretty specialized DNA test.

Senator Todd Weller ended up making Jimmy’s Behind The News segment, because the real story behind the news was when a male pedestrian kissed Salt Lake City reporter Brian Mullahy on the cheek during his live report.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Heroin Smuggling

A New Jersey man was arrested for carrying 100 bags of heroin in his butt. He was pulled over due to “outstanding traffic warrants,” and back at the station, they discovered the drugs. “He was charged with possession of heroin with intent to sell, and tampering with evidence,” Kimmel said.

Dennis Rodman popped up in North Korea with that country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. He traveled there to run a basketball camp with members of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Jimmy Kimmel: Honey Boo Boo Overseas

The TLC series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is finding fame internationally, which can only damage America’s brand worldwide. The translated title, according to Kimmel, is Cheese Monster Battles Type 2 Diabetes.

In Poland, the series is the show’s #3 most popular program. Instead of exporting, Jimmy suggested deporting America’s reality TV stars.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Rosetta Stone Honey Boo Boo

According to Kimmel, the show has presented translation problems for other languages.

But that’s where the Rosetta Stone Honey Boo Boo Deluxe Edition comes in. “Find us next to the Cheese Balls, available at Walgreens,” said the commercial.


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