Jimmy Kimmel: Red Carpet Amazing Counter & Zero Dark Fiddy Trailer


Jimmy Kimmel: Oscars Amazing Counter

Ryan Bingham joined Jimmy Kimmel for the night, but first, it was time for a look at Oscar night’s big winners and losers. Plus, red carpet coverage used the adjective “amazing” more times in one day than The Bachelor did almost all season long.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Academy Awards Length

Jimmy Kimmel: Red Carpet Amazing Counter & Zero Dark Fiddy Trailer

Find out how many times the word “amazing” was uttered on this year’s Oscar red carpet and check out 50 Cent in the upcoming Bin Laden movie Zero Dark Fiddy. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


It seemed like Jimmy Kimmel was still coming down from the Academy Awards, and he said that things are “getting back to abnormal” in his neighborhood near the theater. Though ratings were up this year, Kimmel had a few suggestions on thinning the categories.

He proposed combining the acting categories, regardless of gender, since directors and writers are not separated by gender. His other plan was to eliminate technical categories such as makeup and sound editing.

Jimmy Kimmel: Jennifer Lawrence Oscar

Daniel Day-Lewis “now has one Oscar for each of his names,” and Kimmel suggested that he try an Adam Sandler movie next.


Jimmy was most impressed with Jennifer Lawrence, who was poised and entertaining every time a camera was pointed in her direction. She apparently even did some bad French on the red carpet. She was also surprised by fan Jack Nicholson backstage during her interview with George Stephanopoulos.

“It turns out Jennifer Lawrence is funnier than Martin Lawrence,” he said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Skyfall Vs Zero Dark Thirty

Ben Affleck got the chance to make an acceptance speech for Argo’s best picture win. There was also a rare Oscar tie for best sound editing, between Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty. “Both men thanked their mothers, Brazilian blowouts, and Vidal Sassoon,” Kimmel said, observing their long locks.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Bachelor I Love You

The Bachelor barreled on this week for ABC, with Sean taking the remaining contestants to Thailand, where one woman told him that she loved him. His response to her words was a lip lock and this response: “I love hearing you say that.”

Jimmy Kimmel said that things get weird once the numbers dwindle to the final three. He said that in real life, if you were juggling three relationships, no one would put up with it. He has told all three finalists that he is picturing their engagement and future lives.

“And then an hour later, he sent her home,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Oscar Red Carpet Amazing Counter

This week, The Bachelor contestants said the word “amazing” 22 times, for a total of 130 this year.

But the Oscar red carpet had that number beat, counting up the overuse of the adjective on every network’s Oscars coverage. After about 30 times in a row, the word starts to lose all meaning.

The total clocked in at 101, and I would believe that a few might have gotten overlooked in the countless hours of coverage.

Jimmy Kimmel: Zero Dark Fiddy Review

There continues to be debate about the accuracy in the film Zero Dark Thirty, about the search for Osama Bin Laden. Jimmy Kimmel showed a trailer for a new movie that tells a different side of the story, starring 50 Cent.

He trained for the manhunt using a hybrid weapon, “gun-chucks,” and tracking Bin Laden to a Van Nuys storage locker. Keep an eye out for Zero Dark Fiddy; it could be an Oscar contender next year.


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