Jimmy Kimmel: P90Rex Review, Rope Swing Breakup & Idol Supervoting


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sound City Players

Jimmy Kimmel shut down Hollywood Boulevard for his Sound City Players concert on the show tonight. But first, Jimmy talked about the Justin Bieber O2 concert and P90Rex Dog Fitness.

Jimmy Kimmel: Dave Grohl Sound City Review

Foo Fighters frontman and Sound City director Dave Grohl was outside standing by as Kimmel explained the history of the Sound City Studio profiled in the documentary, which boasts a laundry list of boldface names that passed through its doors.


Also on the show tonight were Dave Grohl and John Fogerty. That is a lot of musical talent on one stage. Kimmel offered to join the band playing the bass clarinet.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Late Justin Bieber O2 Concert

Jimmy Kimmel: P90Rex Review, Rope Swing Breakup & Idol Supervoting

Jimmy Kimmel showed off the P90Rex exercise program for dogs, a breakup at the world’s largest rope swing, and the concept of American Idol supervoting.

At the O2 Arena in London, Justin Bieber showed up late for his sold out show, taking the stage two hours after the show was scheduled to start. British concertgoers had mostly negative things to say, especially since many parents had to take their children home early.


“How can you be late for anything in London? They have a huge clock, right in the middle of the town,” Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel: American Idol Supervoting

American Idol had its first of three live episodes this week. There are more ways to vote than ever before. He said they change the vote every year, and this year it is Supervoting, which allows you to cast 50 votes at once.

“Votes on American Idol are becoming like eastern European currency,” he said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dashboard Cam Video

Many in Europe have dashboard cameras to protect themselves in case of accidents or police corruption. One of them captured a car hydroplaning in the snow before spinning back into its proper lane of traffic.

Jimmy Kimmel: FIFA Seats For Overweight Fans

The soccer governing body, FIFA, has announced that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will over seats designed “for overweight fans.” They will be double the size of a normal seat and reinforced for up to 550 pounds of weight.

Fans must prove their body mass index to qualify for these special seats. “I think Brazil has a different definition of obese, though,” Jimmy said, showing a photo of a Brazilian supermodel.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: P90Rex Dog Fitness

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a Google+ hangout to talk about health and fitness with her Let’s Move initiative. In response to a parent’s question, Obama agreed that dogs should be included in a family’s fitness regimen.

Kimmel agreed that we need to keep our dogs healthy and active so they can take care of us when we become sedentary. That is why he revealed the P90Rex exercise program to help your dog shape up in just three months.

Jimmy Kimmel: YouTube Devin Graham Rope Swing

Devin Graham, who does extreme sports videos on YouTube, took two friends with him to try a rope swing. But one of his friends was not excited about taking the jump. In fact, she yelled, “I’m breaking up with you” to her boyfriend after he pushed her out into the canyon on the swing.


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