Jimmy Kimmel: Movie Theater Dominoes & Cookie Monster Arrested


Jimmy Kimmel: Cookie Monster Arrested & Candy Dominoes

Apparently Dick Cheney has shared his juvenile opinion of the North Korea missile situation, while a movie theater employee deserves an A for effort on his chain of candy dominoes. Plus, why did was the Cookie Monster arrested?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: North Korea Missiles & Dick Cheney


Jimmy Kimmel: Movie Theater Dominoes & Cookie Monster Arrested

Why was the Cookie Monster arrested? A costumed character like this one allegedly assaulted a child and mother in Times Square. (Chris Harvey / Shutterstock.com)

Are you worried about the North Korean missiles that could be headed for America? Jimmy Kimmel said that US and South Korean officials are predicting North Korea will soon launch a medium-range missile.

That means it could travel approximately 2,000 miles to Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, or Guam. Dick Cheney, the former vice president, called Kim Jong-Un “unpredictable” and predicted “deep doo-doo.”


Jimmy talked to a Washington correspondent about the depth of the doo-doo. That led to a bunch of poop jokes from a fake reporter.

Jimmy Kimmel: Movie Theater Dominoes

Have you ever had a boring job? Sometimes you just have to come up with ways to entertain yourself to pass the time. A movie theater employee came up with a creative way to dispose of some Milk Duds, by setting up all the other movie theater candy boxes as dominoes.

Sadly, the gag ultimately failed when the Milk Duds landed on the floor instead of in the trash. but it was still pretty cool.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Justin Bieber Monkey Update

The monkey crisis involving Justin Bieber has now been going on for two weeks. To get Bieber’s monkey back, Kimmel has been threatening the Germans who hold the animal hostage.

Justin’s management team has not yet been able to get the monkey back, and Kimmel has threatened to kill David Hasselhoff if the monkey is not released. He is threatening to “off the Hoff” on Thursday night.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cookie Monster Arrested

A Cookie Monster impersonator in New York’s Times Square was arrested last week. He supposedly posed with a two-year-old, but when the mother didn’t tip him, he cursed the mom and shoved the toddler.

The impersonator has been charged with endangering child welfare. Kimmel said Cookie Monster’s past on Intervention should have been a clue that he was out of control.
The Sesame Street/Intervention mashup that followed was a masterwork. I’m surprised that is not its own Adult Swim show yet.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: West Coast Cookie Monster

To get another perspective on the situation, Kimmel’s crew asked a West Coast Cookie Monster on Hollywood Boulevard about the trouble with tippers.

The LA Cookie Monster said he has a “policy of non-violence,” but admitted that sometimes he “accidentally” steps on children or can fall on them. At least he is honest about his moves.

Jimmy Kimmel: Anthony Weiner Mayor

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman who accidentally tweeted a photo of himself, now has some new plans for his future. He is now thinking about running to be mayor of New York City.

Upon making an “Oscar Mayer Weiner” joke, Jimmy was showered in confetti and crowned Mr. Funny Joke. He was even given a proclamation from the queen.


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