Jimmy Kimmel: March Madness, Spring Break & Foreigner Or Not? Game


Jimmy Kimmel Live: March Madness Bracket

How are you celebrating Spring Break? Jimmy Kimmel played a few rounds of Foreigner Or Not, Guillermo performed an interpretive dance, and the show featured an update on March Madness.

Jimmy Kimmel: Spring Break

Jimmy Kimmel said that this week is Spring Break for most American colleges, but kids in China only get six minutes off for Spring Break. What about online students? How do they commemorate Spring Break?


Jimmy Kimmel: March Madness, Spring Break & Foreigner Or Not? Game

Jimmy Kimmel shared his ruminations on Spring Break in America, a rebuttal about the pronunciation of Gonazaga for March Madness, and the Foreigner Or Not game.

Kimmel said he never went on Spring Break, because he didn’t know about all the wild parties when he was younger. Now he celebrates by drinking wine coolers in his bathtub.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Foreigner Or Not?

Cousin Sal was outside on Hollywood Boulevard for a game of Foreigner Or Not? His task was to recruit pedestrians and have Jimmy guess whether the people were foreigners or American citizens.


The first guy wore American sneakers and lots of tribal necklaces. Jimmy guessed wrong, because the guy was from England.

The next woman wore a black outfit and had few distinguishing marks other than a necklace and a mole. Jimmy guessed American, which was correct.

Then there was a third contestant, wearing no socks with suede topsiders, orange pants, and a button-down shirt. Jimmy guessed he was foreign, which was incorrect.

For participating, the contestants were rewarded with apple pies. I like Jimmy’s games much more when they involve audience participation.

Jimmy Kimmel: March Madness Gonzaga

The March Madness tournament is underway, and Jimmy said he is getting complaints about his pronunciation of Gonzaga. The president even filled out his March Madness bracket, choosing a Final Four of Indiana, Louisville, Florida, and Ohio State.

You never know what is going to happen in the NCAA Championship, but to whet your appetite, Kimmel showed a video of a women’s championship celebration. The players attempted to dump Gatorade on their coach, but it created a slippery mess in the gymnasium.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Chinese Chicken Eggs

In How Is This News, Jimmy showed a clip from Headline News pondering whether a church building looked like a chicken.

Speaking of chickens, in China, a chicken recently laid a giant egg containing two yolks and another whole egg. “A chicken essentially gave birth to a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast,” Kimmel joked.

The chicken has been regularly laying giant eggs, and may be the Octomom of the chicken world.

Jimmy Kimmel: Philadelphia Dogfighting

A news report about a potential dog fight was covered by a local news helicopter, but when viewed from the Philadelphia helicopter, the dogs were more interested in loving than fighting.

Back on Hollywood Boulevard, it was time to guess another nationality. This woman, whom Kimmel mistook as American, was actually from Switzerland.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo Interpretive Dance

It was the first day of spring, which meant it may have been nice somewhere in the country. In honor of the new season, security guard Guillermo performed an interpretive dance in a flower costume.


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