Jimmy Kimmel Live: White House Yoga Garden & Easter Bunny Motorcycle


Jimmy Kimmel: Easter Bunny & Bieber Monkey

Mr Bieber’s monkey, new Easter traditions like the White House Yoga Garden, and a bunny on a motorcycle made for a very anthropomorphic monologue from Jimmy Kimmel on this post-Easter April Fools Day.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: April Fools Pranks

Jimmy’s version of an April Fool’s joke was that the night’s show was canceled. He said a better joke was that he called his parents to tell them he was adopted.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: White House Yoga Garden & Easter Bunny Motorcycle

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s April 1 monologue included a mention of the White House Yoga Garden and the Easter Bunny riding a motorcycle in San Diego.

While 25% of people claim to have pulled April Fool’s jokes, only 22% admitted to being victims. Google’s Nose search engine, YouTube’s shutdown, and iOS’s user agreement were among the day’s biggest pranks (except the Apple iOS one–that’s for real).

Rookie defenseman Nathan Beaulieu got pranked by his team, the Montreal Canadiens. He was given the honor of leading the team onto the ice, but no one followed behind him.


Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo Easter Bunny

With Easter behind us, now you can make lots of egg salad. Kimmel said that he went to Costco over the weekend, where he saw a huge display of eggs, since Americans buy about a billion eggs during the season.

Jimmy said he allowed himself to eat candy for the holiday, and he ended up sneezing jellybeans. Kimmel said he and his family participated in their annual traditions, and even Guillermo had the chance to go along. His son cried on the Easter Bunny’s lap, so you know it was a good holiday.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: White House Yoga Garden

The festivities also included a cutthroat Easter Egg Hunt. How did you celebrate? For the 135th year, the White House held an Easter Egg Roll, which Jimmy suggested maybe has become outdated.

The themed event also included a yoga garden, which kids would hate but sounds great to me. Over 30,000 parents and kids showed up for the event, at which the president read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Easter Bunny Motorcycle

A man in an Easter Bunny suit was pulled over in San Diego for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The man claimed he was late for a charity event.

Los Angeles anchor Tony McEwan’s news blooper made the show by vamping when the news show’s taped pieces failed to play on cue.

Jimmy Kimmel: Justin Bieber Pet Monkey

Justin Bieber’s pet monkey was seized by German customs officials and quarantined. “Just when you thought the ghost of Michael Jackson couldn’t love him any more,” Kimmel said.

What is the etiquette if your friend has a pet monkey? Kimmel compared Bieber to a teen with a magic lamp and three wishes.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mr. Bieber’s Monkey’s Papers

In observance of the occasion, Kimmel’s staff asked pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard to do their best line reading of a German customs official asking for “Mr Bieber’s monkey’s papers.”

The results were definitely silly, and some found the phrase to be a tongue twister. You might be surprised that kids did the best and least ridiculous German accents.