Jimmy Kimmel Live: Vermont Teddy Bear Review & Vibrating Teething Toy


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Vermont Teddy Bear and Vibrating Teething Toy

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out Jimmy Kimmel’s Vermont Teddy Bear review and check out a TV anchor’s idea for a vibrating teething toy.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Valentine’s Dates

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Vermont Teddy Bear Review & Vibrating Teething Toy

Jimmy Kimmel shared a Valentine ad for the Vermont Teddy Bear, a preview of his latest YouTube challenge, and a news blooper about a vibrating teething toy.


“There’s nothing sadder than the guys standing in line at the supermarket on Valentine’s night,” Kimmel said, thinking of the men struggling to find a last-minute gift out of the picked-over remains on store shelves.

Jimmy also had the band cover their eyes so no one at home would feel uncomfortable celebrating the last moments of Valentine’s Day. Then he brought up the legend of Valentine’s Day, during which a Roman saint “drove snakes out of Ireland into a Zales jewelry store.”

He said that if women say they don’t care about Valentine’s Day, they are probably lying. It can also be a hard day for singles, who might experience loneliness. But you can always request a TSA patdown at the airport.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Vermont Teddy Bear Review

People are spending, on average, $126 on Valentine’s dates and gifts. For example, there are Vermont Teddy Bears, which are life size and huggable. “Just because she’s a full-grown woman doesn’t mean you can’t give her the same thing you’d give a three-year-old girl,” the joke ad said.

Did you know that 20% of Americans buy Valentine gifts for their pets? That adds up to about $850 million in pet gifts, just for Valentine’s Day. Even some fish get gifts, which Kimmel said is a sign you’ve lost your mind.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Valentine’s Day YouTube

Don’t forget about Jimmy’s Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge; it’s not too late to enter a submission.

Joke videos are already pouring in, and one man knew his girlfriend was expecting a proposal. Instead of a ring, he put animal poop in the box, so Jimmy had to clarify that he did not mean to literally give “a crappy gift.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gangnam Style Toothbrush

According to a dentistry report, “Gangnam Style” is the best song for kids to listen to while brushing their teeth. A music expert and a dentist searched for a song containing eight bars, two sets of four bars, a double chorus, and a middle bridge. That is how they landed on “Gangnam Style,” but Kimmel suspected parents would rather let their children’s teeth rot than listen to the song.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Vibrating Teething Toy

A Canadian news anchor made an embarrassing blooper while suggesting that there should be a vibrating teething toy, similar to vibrating toothbrushes. Take a look for yourself. Watch the expression on her co-anchor’s face.


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